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15 Great Landing Page Inspirational Examples

15 Great Landing Page Inspirational Examples

According to a study conducted by Unbounce, pages with one call to action have an average conversion rate of 13.50%, which is 3% more than landing pages with five or more calls to action. In addition, pages with included social proof have an average conversion rate of 12.50%, compared to 11.40% conversion rate of those without social proof.

The differences in percentage may seem insignificant at first, but they can make a huge difference in sales later on. That is why you need to know how to create a high-converting landing page. The examples below will help you understand all the necessary elements of a great landing page.

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Designer Interview With Richard Stewart

Designer Interview With Richie Stewart

Designer Interview With Richard Stewart

Richie Stewart is a graphic designer and letterer from Boston USA, he describes himself as a detail obsesser, and founded Commoner, Inc in 2011 with his wife Brook. As Richie explained as a kid he hated school and would constantly skip classes. He explains just like Ferris Bueller from the movie he was sick a lot from school and as Ferris Bueller quotes in the film “How can I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?” this quote became Richie’s Internal Monologue.

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Davar Azarbeygui Designer Interview

Designer Interview With Davar Azarbeygui

Designer Interview With Dazar Azarbeygui

Today a Designer Interview With Davar Azarbeygui who is a Branding and advertising executive from Cincinnati, OH, USA with over 20 years of design & advertising experience. He is a graduate of New York’s Pratt Institute with a passion for design and art, he has worked with multinational agencies as well as collaborated with global companies. Continue reading “Designer Interview With Davar Azarbeygui”

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Five Overlooked Ways for Continuous Creative Growth

Five Overlooked Ways for Continuous Creative Growth

The most successful creatives understand there are always new skills and techniques to learn.

You want to learn a new skill? Learn.

Why are some creatives great at what they do? Simply, they dedicate the time to learn their craft—especially the fundamentals.

A logo designer becomes great at designing logos because they studied the fundamentals that form a great logo. A copywriter can write a 1000 words in 10 minutes because they learned the fundamentals, then practiced and wrote daily.

Here’s the crux of this article nice and early for you…

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Sketchnotes - Why Nudenotes Are So Awesome

Sketchnotes – Why Nudenotes Are So Awesome

Most of you are now wondering ‘what the hell are nudenotes?’ and ‘Why should I care?’. Two great questions, firstly, nudenotes is the name I give my style of sketchnotes. The goal of my notes are not to be a perfect piece of typography – they are a means of quickly jotting down information and insights in a way that can be referenced later or shared with others, quickly summarising large quantities of information with some simple doodles. They are unedited, analogue, warts-and-all, laid bare for all to see – nudenotes.

Why should you care about nudenotes? To answer that question, I will use one of the long-stand traditions of the sketchnoting: a numbered list. So in no particular order, here is a list of the benefits of nudenotes and the value they offer to creative people:

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