Here at the Logo Creative, we are always on the lookout for talented designers or bloggers looking to write design articles for us or submit a guest post to our graphic design blog so if you're interested we are always open to considering you.

This page outlines the design article and guest post guidelines for free or sponsored articles we publish. Our graphic design blog is a source of graphic design/logo design inspiration, such as educational and informative articles for graphic designers and business owners alike, or even if your interested in this area we hope the articles will be of value to you. 

Our viewers are logo and graphic designers a mixture of freelance and agency, business owners and entrepreneurs that are looking to take their businesses to the next level. 

Non-writers welcome! We seek perspectives from all industries. If you're worried your writing might not be up to par, we're more than happy to help edit and shape your story to share with the community.

We're grateful that so many people from our readers and followers want to give back to the freelance community by sharing advice, insight perspective here on the site. We want to make this a place where the freelance voice is loud and proud.

Guest Post & Sponsored Articles on Our Graphic Design Blog

Sponsored Articles

£75 (Limited Time Offer)

Sponsored design articles can be more 'self-promotional' than submitting a regular guest post, with aims to promote your design business such as a product or service, You may wish to promote your services to graphic designers such as a printing service or resources for designers such as fonts, typefaces, vector art work or merchandise and this would be an opportunity to achieve this.

Regarding word limits you are free to write as much as you like and include your promo links if applicable, articles of any topic are considered, we will let you know beforehand if they are not suitable.


  • Articles must be 100% unique and exclusive to our design blog (They will be checked!)
  • The length of the design article must be at least 300 words (No max length) in UK English   
  • Promo links are limited to 4, but linking to authority websites and internal pages is good practice for our website.
  • Short bio included if required to promote the author with twitter or other social media link.
  • Appropriate imagery if needed. 

Guest Post 


We are always interested to read proposals from designers or people with an interest in logo design, graphic design, branding etc looking to share their insights on our graphic design blog with a guest posts, there are some rules to consider that the (paid) sponsored articles.

  • Must be 100% unique and exclusive to the Logo Creative Design blog.
  • Articles must not be purely promotional in nature, instead, informative and offer value to the reader.
  • Article length must be at least 1500 words, preferably in UK English. No maximum length.
  • 1 promo link allowed but remember guest posts are to share insights and knowledge they are meant to be fun, not promotional, linking to authority websites and internal pages on our website are good practice.
  • Must be of interest to logo and graphic designers, creatives, freelancers, or a general business interest to educate the none creatives. 
  • A short bio will be added to promote the author, this can include the link to either your website or social media.
  • We are happy to create any imagery required if needed. 

Submitting a Guest Post to Our Design Blog

If you want to pitch a title or topic to us before you submit any content that's ok, you can either fill in our contact form or message me on twitter. Both our sponsored and free guest articles are shared across our twitter and other social media, Obviously the articles will remain in the archives indefinitely and randomly shared out on a daily basis, guaranteeing page views after the article has left the home page.

Submit an Article

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