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I am also the founder and creative director of The Logo Creative™ Having 20+ years’ experience as working as a professional creative in the design world I have focused my career on building brands and defining design strategy and it’s correlation to business strategy.

The Logo Creative is much more than a logo design studio, we aim to connect the dots, analyse patterns and solve business and design problems through design strategy and good design that speaks directly to your brands target audience.

We are an energetic company with a passion for design and creative thinking and we work with businesses and brands looking to improve the effectiveness of their design.

We have been very fortunate to be able to work with clients around the world and do what we love every single day. Running your own company does require you to work 100 times harder but its true what they say

"Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life"

Through hard work and determination to be my own boss and do things I am passionate about I have been able to not only grow my business but also watch my children grow and spend every day with them, being there when they spoke their first words and took their first steps and for that I am truly grateful!.

Through my passion for logo and brand identity design I have grown The Logo Creative into a popular community based website / blog after only 6 months of starting the site back in February 2017 was ranked in June 2017 one of the best Logo design blogs on the internet by feedSpot over thousands of other sites which was a great achievement and still remains there.

We also calibrate with some of the industry’s top talents in creating design content for the community. We have also developed relationships with some top creatives who are editors of their own sections on The Logo Creative site.

The site keeps rising in popularity within the creative industry having notable mentions by some of the top design sites in the world and also mentioned by legendary designers and agencies. Such as Creative Review, Design Taxi, The Futur, Sagmeister & Walsh, Lance Wyman, Graphéine, Johnsonbanks and Pentagram to name a few.

I am lead editor for the site and conduct the designer interview series with some of the world’s best designers including industry leaders, top agencies and living legends. I have spent countless hours contacting and calibrating with designers to bring the community the best interviews I possibly can this has allowed us to become connected to some of the best people in the industry.

The most important elements in our logo designs are simplicity and creativity. In addition, a logo design should be distinctive, visible, adaptable, memorable, scalable, and timeless.

We are always looking to work with new clients and take on new projects.

Please feel free to contact us.

Andrew Marriott - Logo & Brand Identity Designer, Yorkshire, UKAndrew Marriott - Logo & Brand Identity Designer, Yorkshire, UK

Andrew Marriott - The Logo Creative - Brand Identity Designer, England UK

It all start's here, I listen effectively to my clients as knowing your preferences is essential, i want to learn about your business and brand, Then I can provide professional insight and ideas based on how you would like your brand represented.

Once i know your requirements i then begin the process of conceptualised logo design ideas, this involves mind mapping, sketching and tweaking until the strongest concepts are acheived

Once the strongest sketches and design direction has been narrowed down and finalised, i move on to digitising the concepts, I can scan my artwork on to the computer or sometimes go free hand, the logo designs are cleaned up and honed into a professional, finalised logo for final presentation and review.

The website was released in February 2017 and in less than 6 months of releasing the The logo creative blog in June 2017 it was ranked in the top 40 Logo Design Blogs in the world over thousands of other sites and awarded by Feedspot the site has stayed there ever since and keeps growing and the content keeps following.

The Logo Creative is best known for its worldwide interviews that Andrew selects and does with other logo and brand identity designers from around the world including up and coming talents, the best in the industry and living legends.

Then again in 2018 we were thrilled to receive another award in 2018 from Feedspot. We have been voted one of the best Branding Design Blogs on their most comprehensive list of best Branding Design blogs on the internet which is a great achievement for the second year running.


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We work closely in collaboration with you to understand your needs and provide a tailored solution

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