On this page we have addresses the most frequently asked questions we get asked, i also want to make it clear that you will be working directly with me Andrew Marriott, i am the one who you will communicate with, i am the one who will be working on your logo design project, and i never pass on your logo design brief to another designer. All the work you see on this website portfolio is designed by my hand.

How much do you charge for a logo design project?

We work from your budget so pricing may vary according to the project details and logo design brief. For this reason, I offer you specific pricing based on the detailed information you will give me about the project as every logo design project is different.

Do you request an upfront payment before starting to work on a project?

Yes, you need to pay 50% of the agreed price before I start working on your logo design project.

Can I pay you after seeing a few ideas/sketches?
An idea is the most important element in a logo design process. So please do not expect me to do it for free.
How long does a logo design process take to finish?

It's a question that's always asked, but one that's nearly always impossible to give an accurate reply. I never promise any time scale or a 'promised deadline' guarantee. However, I always try my best to keep some element of forward momentum going, on the project, for my clients as every project is different and i never like to rush such an important aspect of a business . Timelines do vary due to a clients specific needs, challenges, requirements and overall project scope.

Any kind of 'implied' deadline is also dependant on the client in many ways: if the client takes a dislike to a number of my logo concepts, or is not timely with return feedback, then its difficult for me to keep that forward momentum going.

Typical Logo Design projects can take anything from 2-6 weeks, however i sometimes can hit a really good idea early on in the project that we both like and the project could be completed ever earlier in 1-2 weeks. Logo Design is not about working fast its about working smart the more time i can dedicate to a project the more planning and research i can do.

What if I do not like any of the logo design concepts you have designed?

Thinking negatively will bring negative results. So please don't worry about this possibility. I'm willing to work on your project until you are 100% satisfied with the final result.

When can you start working on my logo design project?

I can start to work immediately after receiving the logo design brief and detailed information about the project and upfront payment.

I have a logo design project that needs to be completed by tomorrow, can you do it?

Not possible. Sorry, "I’m a Designer, Not a Miracle Worker!".

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