You will be working with me Andrew Marriott directly to manage your projects from start to finish, from the initial contact and project discussions to working with me directly to take your ideas from concept to completion. I have personally written and designed this whole website, so you can be fully relaxed and confident about the quality of the Logo Design service you will receive so please relax you are in good hands!.

When you choose a big design agency you have no idea who will be assigned to your project or who you will be leasing with throughout the project. Allot of times there will be multiple designers working on your project. You may never see or even speak to a designer and the only form of contact is the customer relations personnel or a project design manager who will not be physically designing your logo but managing the designers on the project.

With Smaller agencies You may have been sold by the lead graphic designer, but the intern or apprentice may end up working on your project. This from the offset puts a brick wall in-between client and designer communication is out the window period!


From the initial contact, I will be working with you directly to create a concise list of objectives for the Logo Design, I’m wanting the final logo design to fulfil its purpose which is adding value to your business, so this will allow me to focus my design decisions. After I have worked through my Logo Design Process, I present three possible starting points / 3 Logo Design Concepts with 3 Rounds of Revisions, I will explain how I met each objective to help you make the most suitable choice.


The final logo design will be provided in several file formats, for use on different medium this allows your business to grow as you will have the files to display your visual identity (Logo) on different media.

A printed document is made up of 4 colours these include: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. This version is suitable for any printed literature that uses full colour photos, bot Vector (EPS) and Raster (TIFF) will be provided ideal for office based software such as Microsoft word and PowerPoint.

ideal for single or two colour documents, stationary with a limited printing cost this is provided as (EPS) format.

ideal for black and white or single colour documents. The white version is great for using as a water mark are on dark photos as white will solve colour and visibility issues giving best results, provided in (EPS) Vector format.

Unlike printing colours, electronic screen colours are made up of Red, blue and Green and the full colour spectrum is made up by mixing the light of each of the colours.

In the corner of every website page there is a small icon, this is called a Favicon sized at 16x16 this can be used on your website.

This document will explain how to use your logo design files. This also includes a colour palette. 

Lets Get Started!

If you need more information about logo design, or you’re interested in getting the process started, simply contact me and i will be more than happy to assist.

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