Our founder Andrew has run his business for two decades, he is the mind, heart, soul and passion behind The Logo Creative, and loves helping people, not only the clients we work with all around the world, but also his colleagues, fellow creative individuals and young upcoming designers.

Andrew is not looking to influence you, he wants to inspire you to take action and follow your passion just like he did. Creativity is not a hobby, it's a profession we study, learn and practise to become the professionals we are today.

Over the years Andrew has worked hard on disciplining himself in business and perfecting his processes and systems, and also setting rules and boundaries to grow his business into a successful one.

He has a personal Twitter account where he shares not only regularly helpful advice, but also mindful creative insights. Feel free to join Andrew on his personal account and say hi.🖐🏻 

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As Andrew always says - “Stay curious & enthusiastic, and good things will happen!”


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