The Logo Creative™ is a Small Award-Winning Studio Delivering Logo Design + Branding Solutions For international + Domestic Clients


Logo Design Consultancy

Logo design is a methodical creative process it takes time to perfect the perfect logo. The Logo Creative listens, asks the right questions guiding your brand down the right path to success.

Logo Concept Sketching

To get the perfect logo design lots of conceptualising and refinement is required, The Logo Creative explores every corner of his mind for ideas, sketching allows the flowing of ideas from pencil to paper that's were the logo magic really starts!.

Logo Design

I aim to offer a logo design service to create timeless marks a visual identifier for your growing business it must be simple work well in black and white, be memorable, versatile, resizable and timeless.

Logo Redesign

Are you looking to take your brand to the next level? Designing a great logo is the vital first step in establishing a strong brand image for your business. Lets get it right!,

Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity design is the visual aspect that forms the brand. We design the appearance and feel, logos, icons, colour palettes, typography & graphic elements to bring the brand’s personality to life.

Logo Design Support

The Logo Creative loves what he does, When the Logo Design process is complete it does not just end there, we are always available to support you. You deal only with me so you always get the same level of support.

About The Logo Creative™ -  Logo & Brand Identity Design | Graphic Design Studio.

Who is The Logo Creative

The Logo Creative™ is a small Creative studio delivering and specialising in logo design & Branding also providing graphic & digital design solutions to international and domestic clients. Part of the AJR Group™ owned and founded in 2009 by Andrew Marriott. He has been very fortunate to work with clients around the world, he's been hired for his ability to design: clean minimal, meaningful, adaptable and unique: custom logo design, brand identity, and web design solutions.


He has an exceptionally diverse and broad set of creative design and technical skills accumulated over 15+ years of commercial industry experience. The Logo Creative is able to provide new, and existing, clients with a creative Logo Design and Graphic Design service.

The Logo Design Service

Brand Consultation; Custom Logo Design; Logo and Brand Identity Redesigns; Brand Guidelines; Logo Style Guides; Logo Tag Lines; Graphic Design; Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers, Posters, Stationary Design, iOS Application Icons; Typography - to complement your branding identity.


This logo design website featuring his Logo Design Portfolio, on going Logo Design Case Studies, Logo Designs for sale online with a insightful Design Blog is to showcase: the varied and colourful selection of creative design projects The Logo Creative has had pleasure working on being a multi-disciplinary Graphic & Freelance Logo Designer. feel free to check out my Client Testimonials, Client FAQ and contact me for more details, I'm always here to help.



Consultation & Brief

First step in the process once the brief has been submitted, is to consult to discuss your ideas and get to know each other.

Research & Discovery Phase

Second step is properly the most important stage most designers miss out, is research your brand and everything around it, mood boards and mind mapping, information is key to a quality Logo Design. 

Sketching Logo Design Ideas

Third step in the process once we have gathered information is the fun part now we can start pencil to paper in the sketch book sketching Logo Design ideas and concepts .

Digital Logo Design

Forth step in the process once i have hit something on paper is to digitally design the Logo in Adobe illustrator, Black and white plus colour concepts designed.

Presentation + Revisions

Fith step in the process comes presentation time, I present the Graphic Art work to the client on a master Logo Design sheet. Revisions can also be applied if necessary before final sign off.

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