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Logo & Visual Identity Design for Ruby Kitchens Ltd

Ruby Kitchens Ltd was founded by Dimitri Pulev and his wife, who are both acting directors of the company.

The company specialises in the design, supply and installation of quality German kitchen furniture. Their premises will be in the vicinity of Swindon, on the border with Oxfordshire.

They stand out by offering a complete service where the project management, warranty and responsibility comes from one place.

They differ by their intuitive and creative design solutions that lead to the best possible outcome for their customers.

Ruby Kitchens is different by design, by specialising in a single manufacturer they utilise their catalogue/options knowledge to create a Kitchen with a great feel and look, one that is refined and luxurious.

Unlike other kitchen design companies, Ruby Kitchens aims to fill and satisfy the gap in the market as a complete service covering all areas of project management all under one roof by designing, supplying and installing your dream kitchen and its equipment.

The business idea was born from Dimitri and his wife’s disappointment from the kitchen market.

They were looking for a kitchen for their own house project and essentially saw a huge opportunity – the offerings were mediocre, fragmented and did not serve the customer well.

Virtually nobody offered an actual design. They relied on our drawings/sketches and were not creative at all.

Customers are in the dark as to what the system capabilities are. Ruby Kitchens will work solely with Schuller and have become a dealer for them.

High quality service, specialist in an extremely versatile system that is high functional, practical with clear lines.

Company Goals

Ruby Kitchens’ goal is to establish a good local and South, South-West footing in the design, supply and installation sector of high quality kitchens.

The idea is to be competitive at every level. The natural aim is for mid to high-end earners in work, family oriented, 35-65 years of age.Customers who love home cooking are organised in their lives and are well informed.

Designing a Logo and Brand Identity for a Kitchens Company – Research & Concepts

We started by creating a list of oriented goals that we and the client agreed to for the direction of the project. We then started the research process with brand perception and competitor differentiation to position Ruby Kitchens within the kitchens market.

Through conducted research:

Most of the competition offers simply a quick and easy placement of units.Ruby Kitchens will offer a fully managed service – starting with a real design service that is thought out and planned to fit the customer and their kitchen space, right through to a fully working kitchen.

The target demographic and natural aim for the business is for mid- to high-end earners in work, family oriented, and 35-65 years of age.

Customers who love home cooking, are organised in their lives and are well informed.

Defining the Logo Concept and Visual Appearance

After we understood the company, the clients vision, the brands ideal customers and their position in the market we moved onto the ideation stage to start developing concept ideas.

The main aim and style when designing the logo was as set forth in the goals.

Logo Style

“Looking for a clean, minimalistic style logo that is unique and resembles quality and a premium company that is solid and professional.”

We did a range of rough sketches and initial ideas to get the  ideas out of mind and down on paper, this also separates the weaker ideas and highlights the stronger ideas to move forward with.

As shown below when we arrive with a winning solution.

Logo Concept

I wanted to further explore the letter “R” and “k” as a monogram with the integration of the ruby stone. The idea behind this was to join the letters together in a wrap formation signifying a strong  and professional unity and bond with its clients.

The ruby stone is also being presented from the interlockings of the letters as a prestigious outcome from a strong connection. It’s elegant and professional, while remaining fun and welcoming.

Refining the Logo Concept 

We then set out to refine the concept with a neater sketch for inking so we could then take this in to illustrator to vectorise and bring together a digital version.


The Final Logo Design – What We Accomplished

Ruby Kitchens Logo Design - B&W - The Logo Creative


“Thank you, the wait was worth it! All the designs are very good and we like them all. Colouring is also perfect, and grey and red are a fantastic combination.”

Dimitri Pulev – Ruby Kitchens Ltd


Stationary & Packaging Design

Ruby Kitchens Business Card Design

Ruby Kitchens Tube with Label - Kitchen Layout Plans

Identity Style Guide and Colour Treatment

For colour I focused on different shades of red from a ruby stone as a gradient. The shades go outwards from dark to light. The colour of a dark grey complements the shades of red.

When used on a darker background, the gradient effectively works; the ruby stone appears more prominent this way.

A pattern was created using the ruby stone which will be used on marketing collateral and business stationary.


Client Feedback

After the project was complete Dimitri was kind enough to send us this testimonial on their newly created letterhead design which really made our day. It was a fantastic project we thoroughly enjoyed working on.

Dear Andrew,

I am writing to express our gratitude for the design services you offered us. It was a pleasure to communicate with you, you were engaged, dedicated and i have a strong sense that you are very much enjoying what you do.

We will use your services in the future as well as recommend you to anyone looking for a professional design service.

Your talent for design is obvious, we loved all three suggested designs and felt spoilt for choice.

Best wishes for the future.

D. Pulev
Ruby Kitchens Ltd