Top Three Tips for Creating Effective Graphic Designs for Hoardings

Top Three Tips for Creating Effective Graphic Designs for Hoardings

Did you know that India is leading the way in global billboard advertising? By 2024, the country is expected to host over 100 specialized firms providing outdoor advertising services, a scale unmatched by many nations.

The exponential growth of the outdoor advertising industry in India demonstrates the considerable potential of billboard advertising.

Billboards effectively engage potential customers, conveying influential messages through visually appealing designs. Their cost-effectiveness sets them apart from other advertising mediums.

The fierce competition that exists among advertisers to create the most striking billboards has prompted designers to innovate and deliver extraordinary creativity. In this blog, you’ll discover three top tips on crafting compelling graphic designs for billboards.

TIP 1. Explore Innovative Design Styles

The era of generic designs is over. To catch the eye, it’s crucial to embrace unique design styles. This requires not only a strong understanding of basic design principles but also a keen awareness of current trends to creatively interact with design elements.

Over the years, prominent design styles such as hyper-surrealism, bento box idea designs, freehand revival, and graffiti style have emerged. However, these are just the beginning – the design world is brimming with trending styles, with the ones mentioned being particularly popular among global designers.

When hyper-realistic design elements blend with surreal 3D designs, the result is a visual delight. For example, when Drissi Advertising  designed billboards for ‘The Peanut Movie in 3D’, they incorporated a fun 3D figure of Snoopy protruding from the billboard, instantly winning over millions of fans.

The artful arrangement of boxes, a design style inspired by Japan’s traditional bento boxes, is also gaining popularity in graphic design, as it aids in orderly information comprehension.

Decades ago, freehand and graffiti-style billboards, where the artist would directly draw on the board without the use of software, were all the rage. This art form disappeared with the advent of modern tools, but it’s now making a comeback.

TIP 2. Clarity In Communication 

When it comes to hoardings, legible fonts and neat arrangement of important information such as contact us details, website address, etc. are mandatory to bring clarity in communication.

You know that the majority of designers use modern software and tools to design the creatives, however, when it’s being converted to larger formats, there’s a need to recheck the format compatibility of designs.

Hoarding printing is a big industry in itself and those in this sector should be aware of the basic design elements to ensure that high-resolution visually appealing designs are being used. 

For instance, the hardest font to be read on a hoarding is cursive fonts and narrow lettering and it is better to avoid them no matter what. Well, yes clarity in design elements matters, after all, it is an advertisement intended to convert prospects to customers.

Even the colour selection matters. The designers should make sure that the colours used in the hoardings don’t camouflage if from the backdrop where the hoarding is placed. Such minute details should be taken into consideration. 

TIP 3. Know Your Brand 

Designers can go about being innovative with hoarding designs but he or she should know the visual identity the brand is trying to build. Colours, fonts, and design elements all should align with the value of the brand.

Well, unlike any other design platform, hoardings showcase everything maximized than for example a design on the internet, so a wrong branding decision can cause a lot of damage to the brand. 

For instance, if a designer is creating designs for hoarding for a youth and vibrant product, using dull colours and old fonts will make no difference to the design. Instead, bold colours, modern fonts, and energetic design elements will communicate the feel of the brand in the right way.

To end the blog, let’s have a sum up of everything included in this blog. Firstly, know that mastering the art of graphic design, especially for hoardings requires skills in creativity, clarity, and brand alignment.

By learning innovative design styles and knowing the top design trends, the designers can create captivating hoarding designs. However, a deep understanding of the brand’s identity is crucial.

A well-designed hoarding will help the brand grow exponentially providing endless opportunities for designers to push boundaries and make a significant impact. 

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