How to Customise Your Online Store with Shopify Plus

How to Customise Your Online Store with Shopify Plus

In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, having a unique and functional online store is essential for standing out.

Shopify Plus, a robust and scalable platform, offers advanced customisation options to help businesses create tailored shopping experiences.

This article will guide you through the steps to customise your online store with Shopify Plus, ensuring it meets your brand’s specific needs and appeals to your target audience.

Understanding Shopify Plus

How to Customise Your Online Store with Shopify Plus


Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level solution designed for high-growth businesses and large-scale operations. It provides a range of features that go beyond the standard Shopify offerings, including greater customisation, enhanced security, and access to a dedicated support team.

With Shopify Plus, businesses can handle higher volumes of traffic, transactions, and complex workflows, making it an ideal choice for scaling e-commerce ventures.

Working with a Shopify Plus Agency

For businesses looking to maximise the potential of Shopify Plus, partnering with an experienced agency can be highly beneficial. A professional Shopify Plus agency in Australia can provide expertise in design, development, and strategy, ensuring your store is fully optimised for success.

Getting Started with Shopify Plus Customization

Before diving into the customisation process, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your brand’s goals and the specific features you want to implement. Here are the key steps to get started:

  • Define Your Objectives: 

Determine what you aim to achieve with your customisations. This could include improving user experience, increasing conversion rates, or integrating specific functionalities.

  • Plan Your Design

Outline the aesthetic and functional aspects of your store. Consider how you want your store to look and feel, ensuring it aligns with your brand identity.

  • Gather Resources

Assemble the necessary tools, such as design software, coding resources, and any third-party apps you plan to integrate.

Leveraging Shopify Plus Features

Shopify Plus offers a suite of powerful features that enable extensive customisation. Here are some of the key features to leverage:

  • Themes and Templates

 Shopify Plus provides a variety of themes and templates that can be customised to match your brand’s look and feel. You can use the Shopify Theme Store or hire a designer to create a unique theme from scratch.

  • Custom Scripts

With Shopify Scripts, you can create customisations for your checkout process. This includes discounts, dynamic pricing, and personalised offers, enhancing the customer experience and boosting sales.

  • Flow Automation

Shopify Flow allows you to automate various aspects of your store operations, such as inventory management, order processing, and customer segmentation. This helps streamline your workflow and save time.

  • API Integrations

Shopify Plus offers robust API integrations that enable you to connect your store with other systems and applications. This is particularly useful for integrating CRM, ERP, and marketing automation tools.

Customising the User Interface

A visually appealing and user-friendly interface is crucial for attracting and retaining customers. Here are some tips for customising the UI:

  • Navigation and Menus

 Ensure your store’s navigation is intuitive and easy to use. Organise menus logically and consider adding a search bar for quick access to products.

  • Homepage Design

Your homepage is the first impression customers have of your store. Use high-quality images, engaging content, and clear calls to action to capture their attention.

  • Product Pages

Customize your product pages to provide detailed information, high-resolution images, and customer reviews. Consider adding features like zoom-in functionality and 360-degree views.

Enhancing the Checkout Experience

The checkout process is a critical stage in the customer journey. Here’s how to customise it for better conversion rates:

  • Simplified Checkout

Reduce the number of steps required to complete a purchase. A one-page checkout can help minimise cart abandonment.

  • Custom Payment Options

Offer a variety of payment methods to cater to different customer preferences. This can include credit cards, digital wallets, and alternative payment solutions.

  • Personalisation

Use customer data to personalise the checkout experience. This can involve suggesting products based on browsing history or offering discounts for returning customers.

Mobile Optimization

With an increasing number of shoppers using mobile devices, ensuring your store is mobile-friendly is essential. Here’s how to optimise for mobile:

  • Responsive Design

Ensure your theme is responsive, meaning it adapts to different screen sizes and devices. This provides a seamless shopping experience across all platforms.

  • Mobile-Specific Features

 Implement features like mobile-friendly navigation, touch-friendly buttons, and fast loading times to enhance the mobile shopping experience.

  • Testing and Optimization

Regularly test your store on various devices and browsers to identify and fix any issues. Use analytics to monitor mobile performance and make data-driven improvements.

Advanced Customization with Liquid

Liquid is Shopify’s templating language, allowing for advanced customisation of your store’s design and functionality. Here’s how to use it:

  • Editing Templates

 Customize your store’s layout by editing Liquid templates. This includes changing the structure of your homepage, product pages, and collection pages.

  • Dynamic Content

Use Liquid to display dynamic content based on customer behaviour and preferences. For example, you can show personalised product recommendations or targeted promotions.

  • Conditional Logic

Implement conditional logic to create unique experiences for different customer segments. This can involve showing different content to new versus returning customers.


Customising your online store with Shopify Plus is a powerful way to create a unique and engaging shopping experience.

By leveraging the platform’s advanced features, focusing on user interface and mobile optimisation, and potentially partnering with a specialised agency, you can ensure your store stands out in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

Take the time to plan and implement these customisations thoughtfully, and watch your business thrive.

With these steps, you’ll be well on your way to building a customised, high-performing online store that meets the demands of your customers and drives growth for your business.

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