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Naya Jenson Photography

New Logo & Identity For Professional Photographer Naya Jenson

Naya Jenson Photography is a photography studio run by Naya Jenson a professional photographer who holds a Bachelors degree, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) She has a wealth of experience working in a variety of photography specialisations. Naya has previously held high positions with creative agencies such as Studio manager and Creative director of photography managing large creative teams and projects.

As her name became more well known she wanted to increase her personal brand and studio and venture into running her own creative photography studio having a studio in London UK and opening a location in the states to meet the demand of longterm contract projects she is working on.


The project was to create a new visual identity for the rebrand of Naya Jenson’s photography studio.

Important information points gathered from the Logo design meeting and brief

  • Improve the overall image of the business with a classy and professional image.
  • Naya is traveling more and working further afield on larger scale contracted projects the rebrand needs to reflect a professional and more upmarket style.
  • Taking fewer bookings but working longer hours due to projects being bigger and further away.
  • Currently based in London UK, travels a lot to the states to work on larger contract projects.
  • Opening another studio within states as the contracted work is becoming a permanent deal.
  • The rebrand is not really a public move but to appeal to new contractors as a presentation of me as a professional and my personal brand.
  • As Naya is the heart and sole of the brand a personal initial based monogram using letters “N” “J” would be the focus.
  • Full creative control on design direction and branding, colour palette, etc.
  • Web UI design for the portfolio presentation site.

Project Scope

Main Goals

The main goal gathered from the initial brief and meeting points is to rebrand Naya Jenson Photography as a higher class photographer to appeal to a more upmarket clientele working more on a contractual basis.

The Company & Challenge

Naya is a professional photographer who is moving direction with her studio, working with bigger clients and on larger scale contract projects. Her working involves more travel to clients and shoot locations. The challenge is to rebrand Naya visually to appeal to a more upmarket clientele.

Opportunity & Process

Naya was a brilliant client who understood the importance of visual design, by giving us full creative control meant she fully trusted us to design her a visual identity that would represent her for years to come moving forward.

Naya was being given huge opportunities to further her studio and she needed to place her trust in us to raise the bar for her and to be given that trust meant a lot to us. We could relate as we are similar working with bigger clients and moving in a similar direction so we were used to this kind of pressure and challenge ahead.

We wanted to fully understand how Naya ran her studio and the process from interacting with clients, taking bookings and conducting a photo shoot to even photo editing and the final dealings with her clients. We went through the full typical scenario so we could visualise the process, interaction and client engagement.

Research & Concepts

The photography industry is so visual and a photographers brand needs to highlight them in a visual way as unique as reputation plays a key role and the brand’s identity design needed to add visual dimensions and a sense of fashion in a memorable symbol that will instantly connect with potential clients.

We stayed clear of the typical cliche logos that include cameras and lenses not entertaining the idea at all as her old logo included a camera and we strongly advised against it.

We needed to communicate Naya’s style and character within the new identity. As Naya’s business is so visual we needed to set her apart from other photographers make her look unique and memorable and highlight her studio qualities and express Naya artistically and also enhance the brand’s visual appeal.

Naya is the heart and sole of her business she is a skilled creative and without her talents, there is no Naya Jenson Photography, The mark needed to be Naya and a monogram design of her initials was a direction the monogram also needed to represent her as an individual, her personality and style we proposed at the very early stage and Naya agreed.

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The Concept & What We Accomplished

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative


Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

Naya Jenson Potography - The Logo Creative

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Client Feedback

The first thing that stood out to me was Andrew’s portfolio of work and how it was presented, there was so much varied style I was blown away! Andrew was very prompt in replying to me and moving the project forward. He was very precise in gaining the information he needed from the initial brief to a more complex research process, and his enthusiasm to wanting to understand me as a person and my personal brand was phenomenal he really went above and beyond to deliver. The whole experience was very professional and a pleasure feeling very comfortable and confident the whole time.

Thanks again Andrew I will not hesitate in recommending you and using you again in the future. X

Naya Jenson 

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