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Designer Interview With Henry Alvarez

Designer Interview With Henry Alvarez

Designer Interview With Henry Alvarez

Today we have a Designer Interview With Henry Alvarez. Henry is a Creative Director from New York. During his colourful, award-winning career, Henry’s well-rounded understanding of branding, problem-solving and art direction have made him a standout creative professional. He has developed creative for a wide range of markets, from consumer products to sports marketing. He has been referred to as a creative chameleon, always adapting his mindset to better understand his audience and deliver visually engaging creative.

Henry’s creative journey started when he was a young fan of comic books and artists such as Frank Frazetta, Jack Kirby and Neal Adams. He studied art in high school and moved on to study fine arts history in college as well as undertaking subjects such as sculpture, photography, painting and life drawing.

By the time Henry had received his associate’s degree in fine arts, He had already learned about iconic designers like Saul Bass, Paul Rand, Herb Lubalin, and Milton Glaser. Henry’s teachers suggested that he would do well in the advertising industry because he was so inspired by the movie posters and identity design Saul Bass had developed, so he set his sights on continuing his education in this related field.

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