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5 Ways How the Right Words can Build a Consistent Brand

5 Ways How the Right Words can Build a Consistent Brand

We may speak the same language though we both interpret the world differently. The human language is a complex concept that all people grasp during their young years. Due to the need to communicate, every toddler begins imitating different words.

Even though they might not understand the words, the undeveloped minds associate words with meaning, same as adults. Nevertheless, words are the most powerful tools of human communication, and without them, nothing we see and do today would be possible.

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Colour Theory, Meanings and Associated Words

Colour Theory, Meanings, Associated Words

Due to a popular tweet of mime The Logo Creative is going to look at Colour Theory, Meanings, Associated Words and we will also dive in and and learn about basic colour theory. Below is the tweet i sent out back in January and it one of my most popular tweets gaining quite a few likes and re-tweets so i thought i would make an article about Colour Theory, Meanings, Associated Words. The video at the end of the article is also really good its simple but very informative.

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