15 Ways Creativity Makes You a Better Person

15 Ways Creativity Makes You a Better Person

In this article we take a look at 15 Ways Creativity Makes You a Better Person.

Creativity is used in many aspects of our society. The arts are probably the fields that are most commonly associated with creativity. However, it is actually present everywhere you look – even in STEM professions that seem like they don’t have anything to do with it. 

On a more personal level, creativity can have a truly transformative effect on individuals. You will be surprised just how great creativity can be for you personally, no matter what form of it you engage in. Hence, here are fifteen ways how creativity makes you better.

1. It Gives You an Outlet for Self-Expression

Firstly, creativity gives you an outlet for self-expression. As individuals, we do want to blend into society and conform to its norms, but we also want to stand out and show that we are unique. Everyone is different – and that’s why we want to express how we are different from others.

Someone may get creative with their appearance while a different person will prefer to create something creative at work. From gardening to cooking to painting – all of these can be an outlet for self-expression, for showing who you are and expressing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

2. It Encourages You to Be Self-Aware

Creativity encourages you to be self-aware. It’s not just about making something that doesn’t exist or playing around and experimenting with different materials you have. It’s also about self-reflection.

When being creative, many people look back on their past actions, relationships, achievements, thoughts, feelings, etc. to better understand themselves. Creativity encourages us to be aware of who we are so that we can become better through the changes we make to ourselves as individuals.

3. It Helps You Grow and Innovate Things Around You

Speaking of changing yourself, creativity can definitely help you grow yourself while also innovating the things around you. Our society was able to come this far thanks to the creativity of millions of people throughout history and their contributions to humankind.

Think about all of the inventions, works of art, scientific discoveries, philosophical discussions, etc. All of these emerged from creativity and creative thinking that allowed humans to find new approaches to old things as well as solutions to the problems they encountered.

4. It Gives You Freedom of Thought

Thinking is by far one of the most integral parts of being human. “I think, therefore I am,” were the words of the famous French philosopher Rene Descartes. Luckily, creativity is also something that gives us freedom of thought.

Being creative means thinking. It goes back to the core of what it means to be human, the essence of humankind. Without being able to think and use creativity, we wouldn’t be here now. And that’s why creativity is so important for us – it gives us the freedom to think.

5. It Teaches You to Adapt and Be Flexible

At the same time, creativity is also an important part of evolution. It teaches you to adapt and be flexible. Without creativity, you won’t be able to survive in difficult situations where you are forced to change yourself or your ways of being.

Of course, evolution in the scientific sense of it is about biological changes that happened throughout history to us as humans. However, it was creativity that allowed us to adapt and be flexible when it came to politics, social norms, intellect, etc.

6. It Makes You a Better Analyst and Critical Thinker

While creativity provides you with the freedom of thought, it also makes you a better analyst and critical thinker. Creativity is about questioning the status quo and traditions to become better and evolve.

By using creativity, you are using innovation – you are trying to find an original solution to a problem or a new approach to an old topic. That’s how it makes you notice the details of the matter and the different sides of it through analysis and critical thinking.

7. It Puts You in a Positive Mood

When it comes to the more lighthearted side of creativity, it’s the perfect solution for anyone who is feeling down because it puts you in a positive mood. By being creative or creating something, you can easily feel better.

Many people find relief in self-expression or pride in creation. Those who pursue inherently creative professions such as painting or writing are often very passionate about what they do. This is what makes them truly happy.

8. It Helps You Become More Determined and Motivated

By improving your mood so much, creativity can also help you become more determined and motivated in whatever you are doing. It’s a form of positive reinforcement that shows you that you are on the right path.

Essentially, it’s like a compliment that you give yourself when you feel proud of what you have created. It doesn’t matter whether it is a new scientific discovery, an original invention that will revolutionise society, or a book that is appreciated by readers all over the world.

9. It Teaches You to Become More Patient

Something that creativity can help you with is patience. While it may not seem like it, creativity can actually be extremely good at teaching you to become a more patient person who is willing to wait to get the reward.

Creating something is often a tedious process, especially if you aren’t experienced in the job. Just think about how many times experiments fail before scientists are able to make a conclusion about the subject of their research. It forces you to be patient and to try again and again before you achieve what you are aiming for.

10. It Creates a Sense of Community and Connects Everything

Creativity connects us and everything around us together. You can find creativity even in nature, but also in everything we have created as a society. That’s why creativity is able to create a sense of community for you and everyone else.

People are constantly meeting each other thanks to creativity. Whether it’s another gardener you meet because of your gardening hobby or the huge fanbase you grow thanks to your songs. It’s all about connection and community in the long run.

11. It Gives Meaning to Everything

When everything seems bleak, creativity can give meaning to everything. Even when everything seems fine, meaning is what truly makes us care about something – and that’s why creativity plays such an important role in so many aspects of our society.

A well-written book is beloved by readers because of the meaning that the author gave it, and that meaning arose from creativity. We enjoy bicycles because of the meaning behind them, but that meaning or idea wouldn’t exist if we didn’t think about it in the first place. It was creativity that made the inventor of the bicycle come up with this invention.

12. It Builds Empathy and Allows You to See Other Perspectives

Creativity also appeals to the most human of our emotions – empathy. Through creativity, we are able to see other perspectives and empathise with people, no matter what their backgrounds are or who they are as individuals.

There are numerous examples of this. A song about breaking up will be understood by millions of listeners because many people have gone through such an experience before. In fact, music itself is considered a universal language because everyone can understand its meaning and the feelings it causes even if you don’t understand the lyrics.

13. It Allows You to See the Bigger Picture

While creativity helps you better analyze something on a smaller scale and see its many details, it also allows you to see the bigger picture. It’s a way to see the world as big as it is and realise that you are just a small part of it.

That’s why so many things’ humans have created with the help of creativity are used or admired by millions of people. These inventors and creators were thinking about universal ideas and trying to appeal to a huge, universal audience.

14. It Improves Your Confidence and Grows Your Passion

Because creativity can be so good at improving your mood, it can also help you improve your confidence and grow your passion for something. This doesn’t only mean that you will be more passionate about art – maybe you are passionate about engineering or programming or biology.

By being creative, you are expressing yourself and showing who you are while also creating something that will be enjoyed by others as well. It gives an incredible feeling of accomplishment which leads to more confidence and pride in what you have created.

15. It Helps You Relieve Your Stress

Last but not least, creativity can help you relieve your stress. By improving your mood and boosting your confidence, it is already having a positive influence on your mental health. But beyond that, it can be very helpful for those who are feeling stressed due to other things in their life.

For example, you may be stressed at work due to all the tasks you should do or the demanding boss who doesn’t let you catch a break. But once you come home and start painting, you will feel less anxious about everything.

With the help of the creativity, you use in your art, you will get rid of all the negative thoughts and have a clear head again.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, creativity has always been an important part of humankind. That’s how we were able to innovate and advance as a society. On a personal level, using creativity can make you a completely different person, so don’t hesitate to get creative when you have the occasion for it.

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