5 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

5 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

Boosting your website traffic may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. It might be a challenge when you’re a website newbie, but it becomes clearer once you realize how to achieve it. What makes traffic so complex, however, is that its increase doesn’t depend on a single factor only. But don’t worry. We share 5 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic:

1. Evergreen Content

5 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic - Use Social Media - Evergreen-blog-content

Helpful and relevant content might increase your website traffic significantly, but evergreen content will make it skyrocket. This doesn’t lessen the importance of topical content, but it simply suggests that evergreen content should dominate.

For example, if you’re writing about the top search engine optimization (SEO) techniques in 2019, it’s more than likely that, in 2020, this post will become irrelevant. (Bonus tip: if it does, it’s always a good idea to update your long-form content so it keeps ranking and bringing readers value.) However, if you write about the top SEO techniques to use for your website, in general, this post will have long-term relevance.

Similarly, if you write a blog review on the latest iPhone, this quickly loses its purpose once the next iPhone appears on the market. But if you write about what customers should pay attention to when buying a new phone, you got yourself evergreen content.

Your website content basically needs to stand the test of time. Content affects your shareability, leads, relevance, and popularity in your field, thus considerably affecting your website traffic.

2. Optimize for Mobile

5 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic - Optimize for Mobile

Fun fact: did you know that in 2018, Google announced that speed will be a mobile ranking factor? 

This shows that developing responsive mobile design should be every online business’ priority. In other words, this means that websites that offer well-developed and accessible mobile versions rank higher than those that don’t.

If you aren’t sure how mobile-friendly your website actually is, you can use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to check.

The faster and more responsive your website is on mobile, the higher your return traffic, as people who search on mobile value user experience.

Make the mobile version of your website is easy to navigate; ensure your content is visible, pleasant to the eyes, and that you’re using readable and simple fonts. Don’t forget adequate text formatting as well.

Test the infographics, images, videos, and all other visual data you have on your website. Just because they look nice and neat on your actual website doesn’t mean they’ll look the same on mobile. So, if you are having issues with images that may need to be resized, make sure you have the right tools to do so (for instance, use a plugin such as ShortPixel).

In short, focusing on developing a killer mobile strategy would help you satisfy Google’s ranking criteria. Make sure your website is both mobile- and user-friendly. And that brings us to the next part.

3. Website Performance

5 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic - Website Performance

Your website directly reflects your business, product, service, or whatever it is that you’re trying to market. That means that you have to be aware of how your current viewers perceive your website. What kind of impression does your website leave?

Does the landing page load too slowly? Is the website theme too colorful and chaotic? Is the text cluttered and the font impossible to understand? Or does it boast of neat title tags, high-quality content, an adequate layout, and an efficient site structure?

If it’s the latter, you are satisfying important website criteria that all play a role when it comes to website traffic. Keeping an eye on details is more important than you might think. Even small things such as slow navigation or loading time, as well as an un-intuitive overall structure can affect how much time someone spends on your website. You might also want to make use of these performance testing tools.

All of these factors can influence your traffic—positively or negatively. They’re also connected to your website speed, which is what the next point is about.

4. Speed Up Your Website

5 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic - CDN, also known as Content Delivery Network

People HATE slow-loading websites.

Do you know that even a 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions?

So, the faster your users can navigate through your website, the better it is for your website traffic, as this encourages users to spend time on your site.

If you have trouble in that department, a good and simple way of speeding up your website is using a CDN, also known as Content Delivery Network. This is what LaunchCDN uses for all of its hosting servers, and it’s very effective for both speed and security.

A CDN is a group of geographically-allocated servers designed to work together to speed up the Internet distribution of your website content. By increasing the efficiency of distribution, CDNs provide a much more enjoyable user experience.

5. Use Social Media

5 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic - Use Social Media

Social media platforms are so versatile nowadays that you can either use all of them in a multi-channel strategy or make a selection based on what makes sense for your niche and industry. However, the more you promote your website on social media, the higher the chances of attracting new visitors.

Ensure you come up with a proper social media plan. Prepare visually appealing images for Instagram, tweets for Twitter, or polls for Facebook. Increase your number of followers to make sure you also increase the number of website visitors.

Come up with different strategies. What might work on some platforms may prove to be a disaster on another one.

Concentrate on using a variety of visual tools, too. Focus on sharing visual content more often, such as filming shorter videos and then posting them on Facebook.

Interact with your audience. Ask questions, respond to theirs, but also try not to overdo it. It’s illogical to post five photos per day on Instagram for two weeks and then disappear for a month.

Overall, following these suggestions will surely help your organic traffic increase. You know what works best for your website and what you need. A neat, long-term traffic strategy (if done properly) beats any other marketing approach. We live in a digital era with tons of choices over the Internet. Make sure users choose you and your website.

We hope these 5 Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic has been helpful, and be sure to leave any comments you have below. Thanks for reading and see you in the next article.

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