6 Content Creation Hacks for Producing Quality Work

6 Content Creation Tips for Producing Quality Work

Content creation is an essential part of a successful web presence. Whether you’re writing blog posts, curating an Instagram feed, or promoting your product through paid advertisements, all roads lead to content. In this article we share 6 Content Creation Tips for Producing Quality Work.

For the written word, you need a good essay writer. For stellar Instagram feeds, you need someone with an eye for the visuals. And if it’s paid advertisements you’re after, you’re going to need someone to look under the hood and find the best audience to target.

Making these decisions consistently and frequently is one thing, but doing them to a high standard is another. You’re going to need lots of high-quality content in order to swim – and not sink – in the internet ecology.

As such, here’s a selection of content creation hacks that you can deploy as part of your Content Marketing Strategy.

1. Use a Calendar

6 Content Creation Hacks for Producing Quality Work - Use a Calendar

Every year we celebrate the same events: Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, the first day of Spring, the height of summer, Eid, Diwali, and so on. In the calendar, there are dozens of major events and even smaller ones. 

Looking at a calendar in this way should give you lots of inspiration. A proper editorial calendar will allow you to produce pieces of work ahead of time.

By doing this, you’re affording time for critique and revision.

Of course, the downside is that you might not be able to react to any changes that occur close to the date, but with these major events, the changes are unlikely to be significant.

These are, so to speak, the tankers with a slow and wide turning circle, and you know where they’re going.

By assigning aspects of the editorial calendar ahead of time, you can free up time to react to the most breaking news and current affairs.

Another boon is that you are creating evergreen content; each yearly cycle will allow an element of recycling and reusing of your content, which is excellent for scooping up as many views and clicks as possible.

2. Establish a Visual Identity

6 Content Creation Hacks for Producing Quality Work - Establish a Visual Identity

One of the most efficient content hack techniques is just solid business. Establishing a visual identity means that for the most part, your design work is vastly reduced.

By providing a style guide and a set of visual resources to your content team, you’re reducing the amount of work they have to do in one part of their jobs, allowing them more time to critique and refine their work in other aspects.

3. Use Tools For Collaboration

Your team should have access to a collaborative document where ideas can be shared. Google’s suite of services like Docs, Sheets, and Slides is great for this; Google Sheets is generally the best one for the task.

A shared Sheet can be broken down into different tabs, each covering different categories and styles of content. The rows can be different ideas, and the columns provide essential information and room for your colleagues to offer their insights or ideas.

4. Learn About Polymorphism

Polymorphism is a beautiful word that means an object which can take on many forms. In terms of content creation, this means producing content that can be re-configured and re-distributed across a number of social media platforms.

For instance, a blog post could become a YouTube video, an Instagram caption, a Tweet, an email, or a slideshow. 

Working like this can increase your content portfolio by several multiples. Breaking down lengthy posts into several smaller ones is not only an example of polymorphism but modular content too.

5. Use Templates – It’s Quicker

Unsurprisingly, most pieces of content share similarities with other pieces of content. The reasons for this are quite obvious: we digest information in quite a standard way.

The structure of a good piece of journalism contains several key components, and a piece of content is not dissimilar. 

As such, if you’re not using content templates, then get on board quickly, because the AI-writing train is leaving the station and it goes fast.

Templates allow you to take some of the mundane aspects of content creation out – like formatting – and leave more time for the ‘creation’ aspect.

6. Use Artificial Intelligence

Currently, there are a number of ways to use AI in content creation. Yes, you can hire HAL (Hardware Annotation Library) to write pieces for you, as some newspapers are currently doing with sports content.

Or, you could utilize the unrivalled pattern spotting abilities of AI to ensure your work is grammatically perfect and totally riveting. Grammarly is one of the best in terms of the latter, and OpenAI’s GPT-2 or GPT-3 is the current leader in terms of the former. 

Overall, content creation needs to serve the bottom line of your business. By making the process as streamlined as possible, you can boost your metrics and preserve your rankings effectively. 

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