Best Ways to Optimize a Blockchain Website

Best Ways to Optimize a Blockchain Website

In this article we look at the Best Ways to Optimize a Blockchain Website.

As per a report, 101 million people are currently dealing in the dubious Crypto market. And, the number will keep increasing as time goes by. Therefore, if you’re thinking about building a blockchain-based website, it’s definitely a great idea.

I mean, if you can convert even a tiny part of the aforementioned people into your consumer, you’ll be swimming in wealth in no time.

However, here’s the thing.

Even if you’re trying to create a guide-based website like Immediate Edge platform, it’ll still be difficult for you to execute perfectly.

And, if you don’t have enough knowledge about SEO and everything related to it, your site won’t even perform on Google.

SEO blockchain marketing is an emerging concept that combines the principles of search engine optimization (SEO) with the decentralized and secure nature of blockchain technology. As blockchain continues to evolve, its integration with SEO strategies could lead to a more trustworthy and credible online environment, benefiting businesses, users, and search engines alike.

Hence, in this article, I have offered some insights on how you can create a blockchain-based website and optimize it perfectly. Let’s get started, then.

Building A Blockchain Based Website – A Guide

No matter what type of website you’re building, you’ll have to ensure that you’ve covered every front of it. Otherwise, even if it performs on Google, people will not go through the site properly. And, this, in turn, can increase the risk of your bounce rate.

Here’s how you can take care of it, though.

Focus on the Blog Section from the Beginning

  • When it comes to performing on Google, content will play a huge part in it. So, even if you haven’t created your website yet, be sure to focus on the blog section on it from the beginning. Also, even if you’re offering services, your first few blogs should focus on educating your audience about the market more than anything. This will keep your readers hooked with your article and feel interested about your website.

Focus on Creating a Blog Section Optimized with Niche-Specific Keywords

  • Secondly, focus on creating a blog section optimized with niche-specific keywords. Remember, the articles and the used key phrases should be about blockchain and the cryptocurrency model. If you write on another topic at the beginning, it’ll be tagged as a spam website. Also, while you’re at it, ensure that you’re not spamming keywords on the site. It might affect the overall performance of the platform.

Increase Your Site’s Speed

  • Thirdly, your website should be quick and efficient from every front. And, for that, you have to increase your site’s speed. Make sure that your website is opening within one second. Anything more than that might prompt your potential audience to leave the site and look for something better. Don’t forget to make the navigation system as easy as you can. It must be beginner-friendly and easy to understand from the get-go.

Backlinking Will Be Crucial for Your Website

  • Fourthly, backlinking will be crucial for your website. So, try to find as many website owners as possible in the market and write one or two guest blogs for them. Don’t ask for any money though. Instead, ask them to include a link or two of your websites. It, in turn, will increase the overall DR of your website and help it rank much higher than usual. Also, don’t forget to use proper internal linking to make them stay longer.

Staying Relevant in SERPs

  • Fifthly, the data you’re using in your blog section should be clean and correct. Also, try to back them up by hyperlinking them from an authority website. It, in turn, will make your website look much more authentic in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Besides, I’ll also tell you to update your content once in a while with new data and information. It’s ideal for staying relevant in SERPs.

Optimize Each and Every Website Element Properly

  • Sixthly, don’t forget to optimize each and every website element properly. Ensure that all of your web pages have a title, an SEO-friendly meta description, header tag, and image tags. Even if you miss out on a single aspect, it’ll be impossible for you to rank higher on Google. Whenever you write an article, always check if it’s plagiarized or not. Otherwise, it might affect the overall quality of your article and SERP rating.

The Bottom Line

No matter what website you’re creating, it should be mobile-friendly. After all, most people these days tend to visit a site from their smartphone.

So, if you want to convert them, it’ll be essential for you to create a website properly. Hopefully, this article has helped you enough with it. But, if you still have queries, don’t forget to ask them now!

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