Can AWS Become an Alternate Career Move for You

Can AWS Become an Alternate Career Move for You?

If you are presently working as an IT professional and looking to boost your career, what are some of the different ways you can successfully do so? Even if you are not an IT professional but looking to embark on a new career path and want to get into something rewarding and in high demand, where should you start?

One of the most promising ways to kickstart your alternate career or give it a push is to become an expert in Amazon Web Services (AWS).

But before that, you need to analyse why you should choose AWS and how it matches your needs, existing skill levels, time, and budget. Once you answer these questions, you can pick the best possible option that works for you.

Why AWS?


AWS refers to Amazon Web Services, launched in March 2006, that primarily deal in selling infrastructure platforms in the cloud to companies of all sizes on a metered basis – pay as you use.

As the name would indicate, Amazon started it and is a rapidly growing revenue generator today. Some estimates say that with the ever-increasing demand for cloud computing, investment in public cloud and infrastructure services could touch nearly $500 billion by 2023 (Source IDC).

Seeing this excellent market potential, all big IT companies like IBM, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure are competing with AWS, which is currently leading the market.

Therefore, getting a foothold in AWS will open up many high-paying career opportunities for you in the IT industry as a whole.

Scope of AWS

  1. AWS Solutions Architect / AWS Cloud Architect – a vital role whereas an AWS Associate or an AWS Professional you will become an intermediary link – connecting engineers on one hand and multiple partners and technical teams on the other hand.
  2. AWS SysOps Administrator – primary responsibility will be to oversee successful deployment of automated and repeatable systems and networks on the AWS platform as an AWS Associate.
  3. AWS Cloud Developer is responsible for developing and advancing software applications and solutions on the AWS platform.
  4. AWS DevOps Engineer – good progression and will have a clear edge as an AWS Engineer if you are a software engineer with professional experience in programming in JavaScript, C++, or Python.
  5. AWS Specialty is in managing Networking, Big Data, and Security on AWS platforms.

Once you have picked your area of interest, you will have to get the correct knowledge to prepare for the exam to get AWS certification.

Different certifications are needed depending on the category selected: – Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty, which in turn will determine your market acceptance and the number of job offers you get. But any role in AWS will be a good starting point to jettison your career soaring high.

AWS Certification

There are multiple ways to become AWS certified. There are nine certifications under the four categories mentioned below:

  • Foundational (1 certification)
  • Associate (3 certifications)
  • Professional (2 certifications)
  • Speciality (3 certifications)

Many resources will help you learn about AWS training and certification, and the different ways to acquire them – short-term courses, manuals, and books.

Further, interacting with AWS experts and taking practice exams are also a good starting point to assess your existing skill levels, interest, and readiness.

However, it would help determine which category is best suited for you by keeping in mind your time and skills and your budget.

Before choosing an AWS training course, you could also self-study and then take the AWS certification examinations. But there is healthy competition in this field. You can pick a trustworthy learning partner to get acquainted with the skillset and give the exam.

After completing the course, you will have to acquire certification by passing an examination. The fees vary for each category. You can prepare yourself by taking practice examinations for a nominal fee.

In conclusion, one can say that an AWS certification will benefit you in more ways than one, some of which are:

  • Increased credibility
  • More job offers
  • Higher paying roles
  • Skills enhancement
  • Mark you as a tech-enthusiast

So it is safe to say that if you want to make your mark in cloud computing and stay ahead in the overall IT industry, a job in AWS will be an ideal career choice. Also, this is a growing field, and as an AWS Associate or AWS Professional or AWS Specialist, you will always be in demand since you will become a valuable resource for any organization.

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