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Sketchnotes - Why Nudenotes Are So Awesome

Sketchnotes – Why Nudenotes Are So Awesome

Most of you are now wondering ‘what the hell are nudenotes?’ and ‘Why should I care?’. Two great questions, firstly, nudenotes is the name I give my style of sketchnotes. The goal of my notes are not to be a perfect piece of typography – they are a means of quickly jotting down information and insights in a way that can be referenced later or shared with others, quickly summarising large quantities of information with some simple doodles. They are unedited, analogue, warts-and-all, laid bare for all to see – nudenotes.

Why should you care about nudenotes? To answer that question, I will use one of the long-stand traditions of the sketchnoting: a numbered list. So in no particular order, here is a list of the benefits of nudenotes and the value they offer to creative people:

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