Designer Interview With Rob Pratt

Designer Interview With Rob Pratt

Designer Interview With Rob Pratt

Rob originally started out as a Print Designer before moving into branding and digital design. He is now a Creative Director who has 12 years experience in the creative industry in bespoke branding and graphic design, developing campaigns for some of the biggest companies in tech and entertainment. Rob has worked across the design for iOS apps, websites and digital campaigns as well as print, branding, art direction, storyboarding and creative for a number of corporate clients, boutique companies and creative agencies.


After graduating from the University of Lincoln in 2007 Rob became a Junior Designer for a small company in Hampshire called Mzuri Design. In 2008, he took a role as a Middleweight Designer at Seamless Media, a Design and Digital Media company based in Portsmouth.

In 2011, he took the role of Senior Designer/Creative with a newly formed digital agency called Jungle Creative who are part of the Jungle Group based in Wardour Street, London.

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As of April 2013, Rob took the role of Design Director at Brand & Deliver, a brand and experiential marketing agency based in Shoreditch, London.

Rob currently leads the creative output for the agency who have worked with clients include Google, Samsung, AMD, LG, Three, Lenovo, and Warner Brothers. and many more. His eye for originality, effectiveness, and craftsmanship extends across each and every medium of the agency.

The Logo Creative – Hi Rob thanks for taking part

Rob Pratt –  Hi Andrew thanks very much for the interest in my work, I more than happy to answer any questions you have.

The Logo Creative – What was the turning point in your life when you decided to become a designer and how did you proceed?

Rob Pratt – My grandad collected stamps and introduced them to me from a young age. I was fascinated that something so small could carry so much detail. That got me into ‘graphic art’ and I haven’t looked back since.

The Logo Creative – What does your day consist of?

Rob Pratt – I’m Design Director at Old Street based creative agency Brand & Deliver. I look after the creative output of a very busy and successful creative studio. We work on everything from brand identity projects to TV commercials and global campaigns.

I like that every day is different and brings its own challenges. I could be writing a script for an advert, creating a campaign for a large client or art working some posters and art directing a photo shoot. The deadlines can be tough, but it keeps you on your toes. It’s satisfying to see finished work out in the open that hopefully makes a difference.

The Logo Creative – What was the first logo you ever designed?

Rob Pratt – I honestly can’t recall. There’s been so many. It’s probably for the best that I can’t remember.

The Logo Creative – What is your favourite Logo you have designed?

Rob Pratt – The Jungle logo. It’s a nice organic shape that came about through a lot of refinement. The whole process allowed me to work across all areas – from branding to digital, print, signage and motion graphics. A fully integrated brand identity job. The business cards are nice too.

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The Logo Creative – What is your favourite Logo of all time?

Rob Pratt – The food writer’s guild logo. Clever use of negative space that I wish I came up with.

The Logo Creative – Can you describe or give us an overview of your logo design process?

Rob Pratt – I start with research. I gather as much information I can find about the client, project, style, audience, possible approaches, competition etc.

I write a lot of notes, ask myself a lot of questions and draw tons of interconnecting arrows in my sketchbook. The main question’s I ask are ‘What’s the problem?’, ‘How can this be better?’, ‘What does the audience think?’, ‘Why should we care?’ Then I try and forget it for a few days (if deadlines allow).

My best work comes when I revisit the information later and find a chink of something interesting, a little spark that sets me off down a certain path. I refer to it as ‘organised forgetfulness’. Once I’ve hit upon something I start sketching and mocking up ideas. I enjoy the buzz of being fully taken over by an idea, the possibilities are endless at that point.

The Logo Creative – In your opinion regarding Logo Design pricing do you prefer working on a fixed rate or customer budget and can you explain why?

Rob Pratt – We work to agreed day rates. Budgets are set and agreed before any work begins.

The Logo Creative – How long does it take to complete the average logo design project from start to finish?

Rob Pratt – That’s a tough one and entirely dependent on the requirements and client. Some can be incredibly quick, others take months.

The Logo Creative – Are you a MAC or PC User and is there a reason for your choice?

Rob Pratt – Mac user. First design programme I used was Photoshop 4.0 on an Apple iMac G3.

The Logo Creative – Which software do you use frequently?

Rob Pratt – InDesign, Illustrator & Photoshop. Usually in that order. Excel is getting higher up the list now though, unfortunately.

The Logo Creative – What is your favourite style of logo design? And why?

Rob Pratt – I appreciate a minimal design that has a clever idea at its core. I’m a firm believer in the ‘less is more’ principle. Design should be able to get across a message instantly, it’s what all designers need to strive for. Everything outside of achieving this fundamental design aim is purely narcissistic. Design is there to serve the reader, not the designer.

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The Logo Creative – What is your daily inspiration when you design?

Rob Pratt – Creativity needs to be replenished at regular intervals. I make sure to keep up to date on what’s happening in the industry, visiting exhibitions and design shows when possible and generally reading up on what’s going on. Designers need to act like sponges, soaking up as many references as possible, you never know when they might come in handy.

The Logo Creative – In your opinion what’s the best and worst part of your job being a designer?

Rob Pratt – The best part is being able to shape something, to craft a logo, full brand identity or even a simple print advert. To Influence or help. The worst is the amount of time we have to do all of this in. There’s not much time for reflection, projects come thick and fast. But secretly, I quite like the challenge.

The Logo Creative – Who is your favourite Graphic Designer and why?

Rob Pratt – Dieter Rams. I respect his approach to design, his understanding that design is here to serve a purpose. Not just to beautify.

The Logo Creative – What’s your favourite design quote?

Rob Pratt – ‘If the devil is in the detail you can be sure that God is in there too’. Paul Belford.

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The Logo Creative –In less than 10 words what is graphic design?

Rob Pratt – Visual communication made simple. A lot harder than it sounds.

The Logo Creative – Do you have any regrets? Is there anything you would have changed early on in your career?

Rob Pratt – I wish I took more interest in motion graphics. I think in motion; however, I don’t have the skill to realise it myself using a motion graphics programme, I’m envious of people who can!

The Logo Creative – If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

Rob Pratt – Learn After Effects or Flame.

The Logo Creative – What’s the most important piece of advice you have received as a designer that’s helped you?

Rob Pratt – The client is not always right. It’s our job as experts to steer the ship, to advise on the best approach without dictating. It’s a fine balancing act.

The Logo Creative – What would be your advice for new Logo and Graphic Designers?

Rob Pratt – Believe in your abilities and others will too. Study your industry. Become an expert. Enjoy yourself, it’s really not a bad way to earn a living.

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