How to Create a Positive User Experience on Your Web Page

How to Create a Positive User Experience on Your Web Page

It’s essential to understand how the human mind functions to ensure that your website or app produces a positive, memorable user experience. In this article we look at How to Create a Positive User Experience on Your Web Page.

It is quite likely that the digital efforts of a company will be flat without understanding how the mind perceives, processes, and maintains the information. In addition to creating an increased commitment to successful digital experiences, users are also remembered later.

Achieving a great user experience is key to knowing how to produce these user experiences (UX). Some good practices for the creation of digital experiences are provided here.

Don’t Assume Humans Will Always Remember

Just that is short-term memory – short-term. Also known as a work memory, only limited information is available in this area before it is forgotten. Even if people are focused on remembering something important in their working memory, the information can be lost due to simple distraction.

Don’t overwhelm the working memory of your users by keeping them in mind things like promotional codes, member IDs, telephone numbers, etc. Limit instead the number of users to remember.

Instead of entering a Member ID, you may allow users to log in to their email addresses or allow customers to use a discount code with a single click directly on their shopping carts (instead of having to memorize it and need to enter it manually).

Make it One After the Other

Keep users focused on one (or point) task at a time to minimize the risk of information being lost. If there are distractions, like the constant introduction of new information, it increases the chances that a user forgets about the initial information.

This is why slides in the carousel are ineffective: once a new slide has appeared, the memory of the previous slide is overcome. Instead of a carousel, the visitor will be shown messages relevant to their needs, interests, and past behaviors, including contents and offers.

Help Members Remember by Repeating Tasks

In order to transfer memory to long-term memory, it must be repeated or connected with prior knowledge rather than working memory.

Each time a person repeats something, a number of physical electrical pulses are created in the neurons of the brain to enhance memory and make a fire trace.

Thus, remembering the first part causes the rest of the trace to fill in the blanks. This is why guided experiences are so effective for users to repeat steps after another.

In apps where users are shown how and where to access certain features, this is particularly common. This guided process enables users to learn functionality once in a while in an attractive fashion. When users interact with the app, they remember how to use them.

It is Easier to Recognize and Recollecting

There is a higher memorization rate if a recognition task is given instead of retrieving certain items. For instance, for people, it is easier to recognize a website color or image than to remember a title or place on the page.

You can use color coding and images to recollect the content of this knowledge. In toolbars and navigation, you can also use colors, images, or icons. In this manner, visually imported functions or sections are quickly associated with users.

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Creation of memory accuracy via emotional moments

While many people believe that memories are kept like home films in the mind, they are rebuilt every time they are remembered. In other words, memories may change with time, and new memories may influence them.

Memories are also affected by the language used before they are remembered so that the best results are not obtained from neutral terms which will not affect memories.

Creates videos that are particularly effective, instead, emotional moments. From pictures to music, all the aspects of the video can be connected to users via multiple senses.

You can even offer the download option, so your audience can think of file-sharing ways to share these emotional videos with friends and family. You can help users recall information by “setting a mood” to evoke certain emotions.


A great user experience makes finding what the end-user needs easy. You need to make it easy to navigate your website and make your content easily understandable

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