How To Get Desired SEO Value For Your Existing Website Content

How To Get Desired SEO Value For Your Existing Website Content

Today, there is a flood of bloggers and website owners in the market. People who are passionate about writing often end up starting a blog of their own where they can share their true feelings with individuals. Along with writing and posting blogs, they also are conscious to publicize their blogs over the web. A similar situation is with all the webmasters who are running a business and want to make it famous across the market through the web. Read on to find out How To Get Desired SEO Value For Your Existing Website Content.

Being a blogger or website owner, you must have heard about many hacks for optimizing the website for SEO. These may include, implementing keyword integration strategy, executing design updates and most importantly updating content for better visitor exposure. But, what about the content you have already posted on your website or blog? Is it of no use now? Absolutely not! The existing content is quite useful. No matter, how old it is, it only needs a right direction to get optimized for SEO.

How To Get Desired SEO Value For Your Existing Website Content

Do you know what are those ways? Let’s us help you in finding and executing the proven ways that leverage the value of your website’s existing content.

Optimize Keywords & Headlines Through Google Webmaster

Google webmaster is used by SEO experts to know the exact performance of the website and associated keywords. There are chances when you get completely opposite results for the keywords you are working for. The queries you get are for other keywords. In this case, you should repurpose your post for other terms. This will give you an idea to promote the post for the previous and also the new keyword phrases.

You can use Google webmaster here as it will assist you to find out the old posts by implementing search queries. You will find old posts that can be easily searched by different impressions. To get the deep insights, you can expand the relevant tab and analyze it to work on it. Here, you will get the posts that have high impressions but still, these are getting low click-through rates. For sure, these pages have potential content that is being ranked on Google SERP. If you start optimizing these pages, you may get desired or more traffic for your website.

To get the best results, don’t change the entire content, just make a few changes in titles or main headings. You can do this by:

  • Using a hyphen or colon to the headings & titles
  • Adding content to the blog that directly addresses the targeted keywords
  • Optimizing by targeting lower competition terms

Execute Internal Linking Strategy

In the limelight of trending SEO techniques, digital marketers overlook the power of internal linking. This is the best way that can cover one or more keywords at the same time. You will be amazed to know that internal linking increases visitors’ time on site, decreases bounce rates, promotes conversions and multiplies the email subscribers. In short, if you start linking your old posts with the new web pages, it will provide a slight boost in your website or blog ranking.

Go through a few guidelines that are necessary for better internal linking:

  • Find older posts that have already earned a good ranking on Google and link new high-value post with them.
  • If you are executing the internal linking process, avoid using the same anchor text to the same page many times. Instead, you can use long tail keywords to optimize internal linking.
  • If internal linking doesn’t improve your ranking, it will definitely provide a better user experience. Users stay longer on the page when they find the most engaging. This most likely results in increased quality conversions.

Other Useful Tactics

The above-mentioned tactics are the best and can be conveniently executed by website owners overnight. There are some other ways that are quite useful in leveraging the old website content valuable and worth considering.

  • Outreach ranking: A foolproof campaign to increase the webpage exposure is important as it helps bring natural links and genuine conversions.
  • Content sharing more than one time: You might have earned a great response regarding the published post. But, if you share it more than one time, it will give you a better exposure different opinions from readers. Continuously sharing the old work helps all your services visible and seen over the web.
  • Create different multimedia forms: Undoubtedly, you post is good and has the excellent matter that readers will love. Today, you will feel that visitors feel good when they see appealing graphics, media, and animations. So, it would be better if you share and link the content by adding relevant infographic and media elements.

Ending Notes:

Apart from the aforementioned strategies, there are broken links check, remove low-quality content, content formatting, optimizing click-through rates are the ways that can leverage the value of your existing content. Analyze the website properly to implement any of the given tactics. It will definitely give you a bright side of your website’s old content.

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