Importance Of Choosing The Right Web Hosting Service

Importance Of Choosing The Right Web Hosting Service

In today’s business era where the internet plays a huge role in helping businesses stay in the competition and ultimately thrive, there is no denying the importance of a company website. In this article we discuss the Importance Of Choosing The Right Web Hosting Service.

Customers can learn more about the business before deciding to buy their products or services. A good website, therefore, should provide potential customers with valuable content regularly.

The good thing is that many businesses are recognizing the importance of getting a good website and the need to provide great content. However, of these, there are still many who are yet to understand the importance of a good and reliable web hosting service.

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Why Your Business Needs the Right Hosting Service

Ultimately, every business is looking to increase traffic to maximize profits and minimize costs. Plenty of businesses out there are not giving the web hosting the attention it deserves. Perhaps, this is due to the wrong notion that web hosting doesn’t affect a business’s bottom line.

However, things couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are a few reasons why you need the right web hosting service:

1. Revenue Loss

The best web hosting service should ensure that your website is always online and that there is minimal downtime. Otherwise, during times when potential customers cannot access your site, they will not be able to make purchases. This can have a significant effect on the revenue if the business website experiences regular downtime during the month.

2. Security Risks

Not all web hosting services offer the same security features. Some hosting services will not save data on back up servers. Choose the one that offers this feature as you can easily retrieve your website’s data in case it is hacked. One of the best managed cloud hosting providers that offers two daily backups is Verpex, so they are worth considering when it comes to security. 

Secondly, the best web hosting should also provide 24-hour security services and support.

Note that security is a complex area. For instance, there is a need for regular patching and upgrading of eCommerce software as it is released. This needs to be done quickly to prevent creating opportunities for hackers. A good web hosting service allows for fast and efficient upgrading.

3. Your SEO Will Suffer

The wrong web hosting service may cause significant downtime as we have seen above. Furthermore, it may cause the website to be slow in loading, which will affect traffic negatively. Online shoppers and web users do not have the patience to wait for a slow-loading website.

If they are unsatisfied with the loading speeds, they will quickly move on to another website. If the site is experiencing downtime, they will also choose another website to make purchases.

This will hurt your site’s SEO, causing it to be ranked lower in search engines and making it even harder for customers to find it. It is crucial, therefore, to do your research when searching for the ideal web hosting service. You should look for a company that caters to your needs, like the Hosting Foundry.

4. PCI Issues

One area where online merchants find it challenging is payment card industry requirements. Moreover, things get even harder when the online seller is going it alone with no support.

The best web hosting service should be able to offer you support allowing you to avoid unnecessary headaches. Simply put, the right web hosting service should offer quick solutions to website scanning received from PCI companies.

5. Quick Problem Solving

One thing is for sure, there will always be problems with your eCommerce website. Some of these include:

  • Server errors
  • Shipping problems
  • Loading problems
  • SSL issues

The right web hosting service for you should be conversant with the problems that your eCommerce website is likely to face in the future. This allows them to quickly solve problems as they arise, ensuring that your website is always up for business.

The benefit of quick problem solving is that your business brand will not be negatively affected, plus you get to save on time and money.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Based on what we just learned above, the factors to look out for in a proper web hosting service include:

  • Start by understanding the different packages and options available
  • Great and reliable customer support
  • Having the ability to scale
  • Having a good reputation
  • Excellent record of uptime
  • Improve the speed of your website

Final Word

There are many web hosting companies that can be overwhelming to find the right one. Furthermore, most of them tend to offer the same services while charging different prices. It is crucial therefore to know what you require from a website hosting service before you can purchase their packages.

We hope you have enjoyed this article about the Importance Of Choosing The Right Web Hosting Service. If you’re not sure of what to choose, you can also seek advice from experts. Some reliable companies, such as MangoMatter Media, also offer web hosting advice services to help you narrow down your options.

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