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Show Your Workt by Austin Kleon - Book Review_

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

I’m sure as a creative individual you are familiar with Austin Kleon, maybe you have read our book review of Austin’s first book “Steal Like an Artist. Let’s say you have never heard of the author Austin Kleon, you’re in the book shop and happen to glance over and see the title “Show Your Work!” What exactly does this mean to show your work? Find out in our book review of Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.

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Brand New Name by Jeremey Miller

Brand New Name by Jeremy Miller

You need a name to start a business create a product launch campaigns or sharing ideas, everything literally everything has a Name. Brand New Name is a proven, step by step process to create an Unforgettable brand name.

This book will help you solve one of the biggest problems in marketing today…this book has brand naming solved. Let’s dive into Brand New Name by Jeremy Miller.

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Branding in five and a half steps by Michael Johnson

Branding: In Five and a Half Steps: The Definitive Guide to Creating Brand Identity in Five and a Half Steps By Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is one of the world’s leading graphic designers and brand consultants. His studio, johnson banks, is responsible for the rebranding of many notable clients, including Virgin Atlantic, Think London, BFI, Christian Aid, and MORE TH>N, and he has garnered a plethora of awards in the process.

In early 2014, Michael Johnson started work on a key book he felt was missing from his shelves – a definitive guide to the entire branding process that wasn’t biased to either strategy or design, but treated both as equals. Two and a half years later the project came to fruition in Branding: In Five and Half Steps, published in Autumn 2016 by Thames and Hudson.

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