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Writing a Brand Design Brief - 9 Essential Steps

Writing a Brand Design Brief: 9 Essential Steps

A well-written brand design brief is key to effective communication with designers and guarantees for successful outcomes. That’s how it works: the more precisely you describe your company and your brand vision, the better the brand design the team of experts create. In this article we discuss Writing a Brand Design Brief: 9 Essential Steps

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Show Your Workt by Austin Kleon - Book Review_

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

I’m sure as a creative individual you are familiar with Austin Kleon, maybe you have read our book review of Austin’s first book “Steal Like an Artist. Let’s say you have never heard of the author Austin Kleon, you’re in the book shop and happen to glance over and see the title “Show Your Work!” What exactly does this mean to show your work? Find out in our book review of Show Your Work by Austin Kleon.

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