Unlocking Creativity - How Animated Videos Drive Innovation in Corporations

Unlocking Creativity: How Animated Videos Drive Innovation in Corporations

In this article we look at Unlocking Creativity: How Animated Videos Drive Innovation in Corporations.

The business world demands constant evolution and innovation. Companies that succeed are the ones that inspire creativity and out-of-the-box thinking from their employees. But how can organisations foster an environment that inspires innovation and groundbreaking ideas?

One method is to create animated videos to instil the values of the organisation and, vitally, get employees excited about their work. Organisations that do not have the capacity to create videos in-house should consider hiring video production companies to craft impactful animated videos that entertain and inspire.

Animated Videos: Why Use Them?

More organisations are choosing to create animated videos to foster a creative and innovative atmosphere.

A well-done animated video combines eye-catching visuals, compelling narratives and clear corporate messaging. These types of videos are unique in their ability to capture abstract concepts, the intricacies of company products or a corporate ethos and make them easier to understand and digest.

Animated videos are also excellent for facilitating internal communication between employees and departments. They transform new ideas into graspable concepts that allow different business areas to understand each other.

For example, if the product development team need to familiarise the marketing team with the inner workings and the key benefits of a new product, an animated explainer video may help them understand the product, enabling them to create impactful marketing materials to attract customers and drive sales.

Types of Corporate Animated Videos

Different business objectives call for different types of videos. Corporations are creating various types of animated videos to meet organisational goals:

Explainer Videos

An explainer video does what it says on the tin—it explains (and simplifies) complex concepts to make them digestible for the audience. For instance, explainer videos are a great way to explain technical concepts to non-technical team members or run through a business model with new employees.

With compelling visuals and clear, concise narration, explainer videos make complex concepts easier for viewers to grasp.

Product Demos

An animated product demo video showcases the features and benefits of a product. While product demos are typically created with customers in mind, they are also a fantastic way to teach employees about new products.

For example, if a business is launching a new product and needs an impactful marketing campaign to drive sales, creating an animated product demo video that is shared with the sales and marketing teams ensures everyone involved understands how the product works and its key benefits.

That way, these teams can ensure that they are communicating these benefits to potential customers.

Brand Storytelling

Animated videos are an excellent medium for corporate storytelling by telling the company’s history and communicating core values and the central mission in a way that engages employees.

The more connected an employee feels to their company, the more engaged they will be, increasing the likelihood of sharing creative and innovative ideas with their colleagues and managers.

Plus, a creative mindset is essential if brands are to connect with their customers. Creativity is paramount regardless of the role employees are undertaking at a company.

A study by Krueger and Killham found that 59 per cent of engaged employees said their job brings out their most creative ideas, compared to only 3 percent of disengaged employees.

An impactful animated brand storytelling video, if it’s done right, can go a long way in engaging employees and bringing out their most creative ideas.

Training Videos

The vast majority of corporations utilise training videos to ensure their employees understand their roles and responsibilities.

These videos provide information for new hires during the onboarding process, explain new or existing workplace policies and procedures or offer employees professional development. Swapping standard training videos for animated videos may help keep more employees engaged in long training sessions, as the animated characters, vibrant colours and dynamic movement may mean they can concentrate for longer.

What Makes an Impactful Corporate Video?

An impactful corporate video is so much more than a sequence of animated images—it’s a compelling story that connects with the audience on a deeper level. So, what makes an animated corporate video stand out?

Clear and Concise Messaging

The main goal of a corporate video is to convey a message to employees, whether about the company’s mission and values, a new product launch, or perhaps a complex business model or concept.

The message must be clear and concise to ensure it’s understood by everyone watching. An animated video without a clear message will simply confuse viewers and may leave them feeling bewildered about what they just watched.

Compelling Storytelling

Corporate videos should tell a story, as storytelling is an incredibly effective way to engage audiences. The animated video should help viewers relate to the content, ensuring they remember the message long after leaving the room or closing the tab.

To keep viewers interested, ensure the video follows this general storytelling sequence: a strong beginning, often with a hook, a challenge or conflict to contend with, and finally, a resolution.

High-Quality Animation

Brands going down the animation video route must ensure they are of the highest possible quality, as the video quality will impact viewer perceptions.

A high-quality, professional animated video will leave viewers feeling inspired, while a poor-quality animation may leave them feeling underwhelmed.

Call to Action (CTA)

Last but not least, the animated video should end with a call to action of some kind. In a corporate context, it could be asking employees to take part in a Q&A, visit a website, or leave feedback.

A well-crafted CTA will help to drive engagement and allow organisations to meet key objectives.

Final Thoughts

In corporate culture, creativity and innovation take centre stage. Businesses are continually seeking new ways to inspire their employees to spark new ideas, and creating animated videos is a great way to do this.

Animated videos, with their blend of eye-catching visuals, compelling narratives and clear messaging, offer a medium to simplify complex ideas, encourage internal communication, ensure a deep understanding of corporate values and inspire new ideas to propel companies forward.

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