10 Websites and Channels Where You Can Find iPhone Photography Tutorials

10 Websites and Channels Where You Can Find iPhone Photography Tutorials

In this article, you will be directed to different websites and channels where you can find iPhone photography tutorials to level up your game. Learn these iPhone photography tutorials and get those captivating photos!

In a world where social media has become the home of many, photography is one of the basic skills you need to learn. Most, if not everyone, loves to share a glimpse of their lives with friends, families, or online acquaintances. In fact, 1.81 trillion photos are shot and shared annually by people from all walks of life.

This figure means that there are 5 billion images captured per day. With this, no one can deny how people fell in love with documenting their life through photos, making it a part of their daily routine. 

No one can blame why there is a drastic rise in the number of photos being shared every day. Since you just need a good phone with a good camera and there you go, you can put out what is going on with your life in a snap of a button. Take a good mirror selfie to flex your outfit for the day.

It is a click away if you want to share good food and places. You can capture a sweet dinner photo to publicize your relationship. All of these are possible with only one gadget in your hands.

Yes, only one device can aesthetically romanticize your life, and most people turn to the iPhone for this one. This Apple product is known for its sophisticated interface and crystal-clear camera features. Its latest iPhone 14 release has 48 megapixels with an upgraded quad-pixel sensor that excites many people worldwide. 

Apple made a mark as the most sought-after company when it comes to high-end technological devices. Its well-known iPhone products that evolved over time always succeeded in mesmerizing its consumers with upgraded features. One of the most common things buyers look into is the iPhone camera. That is why professional photographers and those who want to seize their daily moments opt to use iPhones. 

However, despite having any iPhone products, it does not guarantee that you can capture good-quality photos. Sometimes, photography basics like composition, lighting, and depth profoundly matter.

Periodically, a couple of editing like adding filters, enhancing backgrounds using automated apps to remove bg, and layouting your photographs will level up your game. 

Hence, you must not waste a great device with a bad shot. Learn from these iPhone photography tutorials from various websites and channels, explore some tools, and apply them in your next photoshoots! 

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10 Websites and Channels Where You Can Find iPhone Photography Tutorials

Here are the ten websites and channels that can provide you with the best iPhone photography tutorials

1. iPhone Photography School

“Photos you will love. The camera you will ever need.” This line speaks volumes about what iPhone Photography School can give you when you want to know different techniques for maximizing your iPhone camera. Through the years, this website has helped millions of people to elevate their photography skills and capture moments like a pro. 

Emil Pakarklis founded the website to create a movement in educating people on how to make the most out of their experience through basic photography knowledge and apply it using their iPhone cameras. They offer classes that include digital camera mastery, photo shortcuts, iPhone food photography, iPhone landscape mastery, and even photo editing. 

Today, they have more than 500,000 unique website traffic monthly and gathered pools of well-known photographers to share their expertise. You can sign up for the iPhone Photography school website, exclusive email hacks, and tutorial videos for iPhone photography anytime. 

With the ever-changing iPhone camera features and photography landscape, it is best to access this kind of website that can change how you capture your images.

2. Udemy

If you want a diverse understanding of iPhoneography, you better check Udemy. With around 80 concise and well-made video courses, you can acquire substantial knowledge –basic and advanced – that you can employ in whatever moment you want to capture. These videos are accessible whenever you opt to watch them, and they are complete courses that will champion you in mastering different techniques, tools, and lots of photography hacks using your iPhone. 

Remarkably, this site gives iPhone photography tutorials on the iPhone camera app’s settings and functions; sharing and managing photos in camera roll; favorite apps for photo capturing and enhancing; special effects; and tips and techniques that can build your creative eye. 

You can visit their official website and scroll through the best course that fits your interest. All of these video tutorials are affordable and worthwhile. So, do not hesitate to have that extra kick with your photos! 

3. Shotkit

Ensure that you’re getting the best results from your smartphone with this tutorial site, Shotkit. This website includes everything: from essential beginning hints to specialized techniques to optimize your iPhone photography.

Known as one of the leading photography authorities, Shotkit garnered more than 4.8 million annual readers and almost 2,000 featured photographers. The website became a formidable resource of photography information for professional and wanna-be photographers. 

There are numerous good reads about iPhone photography in Shotkit, all of which are based on photographers’ experience and unbiased testimonials. You can join Shotkit anytime and enjoy the benefits, such as access to exclusive members’ areas where you can get discounts and free presets. Tips and techniques and many more perks are also available on this platform. Besides,  Shotkit also offers tailored email based on your needs and timely news about iPhone and photography in general

After all, Shotkit aims to educate, encourage, and mentor aspiring photographers from all corners of the globe as they strive to grow as creators and as businessmen. So, if you are one of them, go and visit Shotkit now. 

4. Apple

It would be a sin if the very own company failed to provide its consumers with information about its products, right? That’s why Apple has established a website for customer support where loyal and new buyers visit and learn about iPhone cameras and how to use them. 

The website has different iPhone photography tutorial parts. It starts with the camera features you can utilize, like action mode, portrait, ultra-wide, etc. It also has a photographic style section where the site educates you about the different presets embedded in the camera. There is also a section about capturing close-up shots with macro photos. Adjusting exposure and lighting is also being taught on the Apple website. Capturing images faster, taking good mirror selfies, and many more tutorials are available there. 

So, if you are an Apple user and do not know about this, there is still time to elevate your photography skills and learn from your camera provider! 

5. Light Stalking

Light Stalking acknowledges that the iPhone can now be used as the most accessible camera that has close to DSLR cam quality. That is why they created a comprehensive seven iPhone photography tutorials that you can enjoy. Light Stalking contains tips for stunning landscape and portrait photography. Candid street photography using iPhone and macro iPhone photography is also accessible to you. Light Stalking also includes professional food photos using iPhone, architectural iPhoneography, and iPhone for astrophotography tutorials. 

Light Stalking already publicizes many iPhone photography tutorials that you can read anytime. As a photography-centered website, Light Stalking aims to educate people and show what they can do if they master the art of photography. 

The founder wants to emphasize that good photos are not only about clicking the button but should be done deliberately and creatively. That is why they offer low-cost and fun courses, free written and how-to videos, and many other resources accessible through their official website. 

6. Skillshare

Skillshare is a community that builds photographers’ skills through different classes. It is an all-encompassing site where anyone can sign up and start their courses. Apart from that, you can also generate some of your projects. If credible and confident enough, you can also teach and be a mentor for other aspiring photographers using their iPhone cameras. 

Skillshare’s project-based courses allow everyone to obtain new skills and create aesthetically pleasing photographs out of iPhone products. Some of the iPhone photography tutorials available for you on the site are photography basics for Instagram success; lighting courses; how to take pro photos; capturing the best selfies; and complete beginners’ guide classes. 

So, save time and access this site to enrich your iPhoneography 101.

7. Caroline Pang

Caroline is a trained and knowledgeable photographer who now works in Singapore as an educator. Companies, newswires, and nonprofits can commission her to write for them. She has worked for a worldwide non-governmental entity for over three years and is knowledgeable about travel agencies, hotel management, and marketing techniques.

Since she started working there in the mid-1990s, photography has played a significant role in her art. In pictures taken in settings ranging from remote areas to modern metropolises, she highlights the elegance of a varied and diverse globalized world, humanity, and environment.

With her expertise and credibility, she is eligible to give iPhone photography tutorials to you and guide you in capturing that most important or mundane moment of your life stunningly. Therefore, check Caroline and upgrade your iPhone photography skills from her. 

8. Expert Photography

Becoming a good photographer is a privilege and a talent in this modern world. Many people turn to several websites and channels to cultivate their skills. Expert Photography is one of the best websites to learn more about photography, primarily when you use your iPhone camera. This site can assist you in becoming a trained photographer using your iPhone and exploring new things, such as editing pictures using lightroom, how to use a DSLR camera, and many more. 

For a brief background, Expert Photography is an online resource that seeks to enlighten users about photography by providing tips and tutorials. As a product of its long years of service since 2011, Expert Photography has gained authority in the eyes of Google and many other photographers. 

With Expert Photography’s articles, classes, eBooks, quiz sheets, and other resources, you can maximize what your device can do for you. So, get that extra knowledge and utilize it in your daily routine, whether as an Instagram lover or a professional photographer. 

9. TikTok iPhone Photography Tips

TikTok is a multimedia app that lets users make and distribute brief videos on any subject. It is a video-sharing app with a lot of content to offer. Recently, one that is getting engagement and public interest is videos that provide iPhone photography tutorials. 

In this trending application that you can download on your smartphone, you can encounter some iPhone photography tips that are unique, relatable, easy to follow, and presented creatively.  

According to @Jacob, a content creator with more than 300k followers on the said app, “TikTok is the perfect place to share your photography skills. TikTok provides talented photographers with a brand-new platform where their work may be seen and valued.”

Therefore, if you are a photographer interested in improving your iPhoneography, TikTok is one of the best platforms to visit!

10. LinkedIn Learning

You might be wrong if you think LinkedIn is solely for job-hunting purposes alone. 

One of the top venues for learning how to shoot, enhance, and share photos with an Apple iPhone is LinkedIn Learning. It is a photography-centered educational platform with a wide variety of seminars in business, technology, and creative fields. There is considerable available knowledge in this learning community that helps people better use their iPhones in capturing photos.

A video lesson library in LinkedIn Learning can teach people about the newest business trends, artistic approaches, and operate technological advancements. You can get individualized course recommendations from this website’s resources. Its leading goal is for people to get important information from experts who thoroughly explain concepts in videos.

So, go and check out the available courses in LinkedIn training and claim that certificate once you finish one class. This recognition will help you build your career and reputation if you want to be a professional photographer soon.


Regarding high-end technology equipment, Apple has established itself as the most well-known company. Its popular Phone devices, which have improved with time, have always enthralled its customers with new features.

However, only some know the power behind these upgraded features. Some still need to learn how to operate their cameras at their best. Hence, these websites help everyone know these iPhone photography tutorials and employ the knowledge they have gained from different articles, video instructions, and courses.

After all, an exemplary device should be well-spent. Hence, exploring new knowledge and furthering your skills would be best. You will be amazed at what your phones can do and where your favorite captured moments can take you. 

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