4 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Is a Necessity in 2020

4 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Is a Necessity in 2020

It is impossible to have missed the meteoric rise of cloud-based services, and the use of them goes even beyond the IT industry. In this article we share 4 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Is a Necessity in 2020.

Not so long ago, people had very little idea of what “cloud” meant in the context of the online world, and storing and exchanging files was still predominantly conducted on different social networks or through the use of storage drives.

However, in today’s digital world, cloud storage has proven itself to be the number one storage and information exchange solution.

To help anyone who is still unclear about the huge advantages that cloud-based storage provides, here are 4 reasons why cloud storage is a necessity in 2020.

4 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Is a Necessity in 2020

1. Greatly-Improved Online Security

Everybody understands the importance of top security online. In the digital world, people are all too aware of the threats to their digital security.

However, far too few spend the effort to take the initiative to prevent security breaches from happening.

Experts from BackBlaze.com explain that a lot of the time, people protect their local storage on systems that are not totally secure, or even worse, they use drives that can fail at any moment.

A system crash or virus attack can have extremely detrimental consequences on your files but synchronizing your files with a cloud storage service, especially one with a tight-knit ecosystem, will help to keep them safe.

All you have to do is follow the cloud provider’s instructions on setup and file transfer, and everything else will be handled on your behalf.

2. Affordability  

Unlimited cloud storage is significantly more affordable than having to buy and maintain a lot of hard drive storage space in the long run.

Hard drive technology is not static, and every few months, businesses have to upgrade their drives to the latest-and-greatest versions in order to take advantage of all the features that they bring.

There is also the risk of breaking physical storage devices and having to replace both the device and the files.

With cloud storage, the only expense that you will have to pay for is for the space you need, and cloud providers offer very attractive and affordable deals for their users.

For text documents and smartphone files, platforms will allow you 2GB of storage space for free – and that is more than enough for those types of data.

If your work demands more space, and you want to be able to use the platform on different devices – unlimited space offers from providers usually start from around $99 per year.

3. Accessibility

Being the pinnacle of security and affordability, cloud storage is also an ideal method for instant data exchange.

Instead of having to keep your hardware active online on a 24/7 basis, using a CDN-based service like cloud storage allows you and anyone else with permission to access files from anywhere at any time.

This makes cloud storage an ideal tool for both distant and in-house work.

Whether you are a freelancer who works from home or someone who works in a traditional office setting, you benefit from all the cloud advantages and access and exchange data more effectively.

In this way, cooperation between different people in an organization can become more efficient, leading to a more united workflow and better overall results.

4 Reasons Why Cloud Storage Is a Necessity in 2020_Data Backup

4. Backup

The importance of staying prepared for unfortunate incidents cannot be stressed enough.

While online risks like system breakdowns or virus attacks can be reduced with quality cybersecurity, anyone can lose or accidentally break a USB stick or hard drive.

The loss of private content can be a huge problem for both individuals and businesses.

Using cloud storage as a depository for your files to ensure that you will be able to access them in case your devices get broken or lost is the ideal way to backup your important data.

Remember to keep everything updated by turning the auto-update settings on, and both your device and your cloud backup will have an extra level of protection.

Cloud storage is very effective, especially in the digital information age that we are living in right now.

It has made various other storage solutions essentially obsolete, and this is because it provides so many totally unique benefits.

Whether you are looking to get involved in big data or simply trying to keep your work files in order, cloud storage is a must-have for everybody in 2020.

With the protection and services of a quality cloud service, you will be able to rest assured that all of your important data is secure, accessible, and protected. 

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