6 Effective Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website

6 Effective Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Running a website is not a joke. It’s not all pretty images and simple designs, and you’re good to go. Instead, a lot of factors go into it! In order to run a successful website, you need to put in the work, since your business will grow if you use the right tools in the process only. In this article, we will give you 6 Effective Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website.

So, your job is to think of every little detail that could be of importance to boost your website performance. And here’s a hint – start with speed!

It’s sometimes hard to determine what could be slowing down your performance, so try these effective and easy ways to speed up your WordPress website and see if they work!

Why is Speed Important?

6 Effective Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Nowadays, it’s all about speed; the faster the information can get to you, the better. The current wave of customers hate waiting, and they won’t shy away from going to another website if yours isn’t filling their criteria.

That’s why you should improve the speed as much as you can – in order to get the most out of your website, you need to please the customer.

At the end of the day, they are the ones who will determine the success of your business, so make sure to give them a speedy loading page when you are at it!

Choose Your Host Wisely

One of the first things you should consider, even before launching your website, is a website hosting company. Not only will that determine the speed from the get-go, but it will also impact your traffic.

The competition is extremely tight, and everyone is trying to set a higher standard – so you must deliver in order to stay on top!

Having a good foundation to start with will save you time and energy, so you won’t be wasting your efforts on fixing 100 different things.

Get a good, fast-performing host, and you are set for a long time.

Manage Browser Cache

When someone visits your website, the browser is automatically triggered to download all the necessary files in order to show the full version of the site.

That’s why you should always add expires headers in wordpress as they determine if the browser will use the server or grab the required information from the browser’s cache.

The expired headers are there to reduce the load of downloads to avoid additional repetition that leads to longer loading times.

It works with a simple method. Once the customer visits your website for the first time, they’ll download all the needed data there is, and it will be stored, so when they come back to the website next time, the page will open effortlessly.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and try different methods and tactics; use them to your advantage!

Compress the Sizes

6 Effective Ways to Speed up Your WordPress Website - Compress Image Sizes

Beautiful and eye-catching imagery sure can make or break the website, but it can also be its downside if not done correctly.

You might not even consider this, but compressing all the files that go on your website can positively affect your speed quite a bit! You’d be surprised what a little bit of image optimization can do.

First, get all your desired files and images and resize them and get them ready for your website, it might take a bit of additional work, but your loading will be cut in half or even more.

The same goes for compressing and optimizing the website itself – it will speed up the page loading and save all your content as zip files, so you’ll save lots of space.

This is a must. Nobody wants to wait and look at the buggy, buffering website – people want quick and easy access to the desired product.

Optimized themes

Another critical factor when building your website is choosing a theme. There are lots of different WordPress themes to choose from, perfect for anything you imagine.

But, more importantly, you must choose a light theme without a lot of additional widgets, sidebars, and other components that might cause your website to open or operate slower.

Every little detail can take away from the speed.

There are plenty of all sorts and kinds of WordPress themes out there. Just try to find the one that works best with whatever you’re trying to promote.

Keep it simple and lightweight! It’s always better to be practical and efficient rather than putting way too much effort into the looks of the website itself  – as it won’t keep the customers coming!

Stay up to date

Like with everything else, you need to be up to date with your software! This can be of significant importance, as the developers often change things up, make them better and faster, fix bugs, and everything that was wrong with the prior version.

You might forget to do this from time to time, but remember that you should always update and get new patches for your WordPress, try them out and see if it makes a difference! Most, if not every time, it will enhance your performance and do you some good, even if it’s a little bit, it’s still something – always try to be the best!

Be mobile friendly

It’s commonly known that now most people use their mobile phones rather than desktops. It’s more efficient to search something up when you are out and about.

People want information and products quickly, wherever they are. The faster the website, the happier the customer is.

So it’s essential to optimize your website, not only for desktop but for mobile screens too. Sometimes it’s even more important to have a fast mobile website than a desktop one.

Try to find the right mobile-friendly WordPress themes, and always customize and compress the sizes as best you can. Fast loading should be your goal on every platform.

To wrap things up

Times are certainly changing, and if you want to be at the top of the game, you’ll need to surpass or at least be the same as some of the best competitors on the market.

It might take some time and effort to get things right, but as long as you always strive for bigger and better, you’ll surely reach the top in no time.

Every little detail counts since it affects the speed of your site. You don’t want any potential clients and customers to be waiting on your service – it’s your duty to wow them with your accessibility and speed instead!

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