How to Get More Engagement on Instagram

How to Get More Engagement on Instagram

The world of social media is growing rapidly, especially now that many of us are sitting at home with more time to spend online. You may have started to think about ways to start a business or become an influencer. In this article we share tips about How to Get More Engagement on Instagram.

However, you’re wondering if it’s as easy as it looks. Well, we want to teach the newbies to Instagram all the old tricks they’ve never heard of before. Yes, we’re talking to you. Thought you could never be an Instagram influencer? Think again. 

What you need is a great Instagram engagement guide to help you get over the first bumps.

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Trying to survive in a post-global-pandemic economy doesn’t have to be so frightening.

Learn to have some fun while building relationships virtually with your target market through social media’s Big Boy – Instagram.

We’re here to share our top tips on getting more engagement on your account to help grow your following and your business. 

Why Instagram?

How to Get More Engagement on Instagram

Are you a freelancer or small business owner that’s been thrown a curveball by Corona? You’re not alone.

Like you, multitudes of people are struggling to reinvent themselves and their businesses to adapt to the new normal in society and the economy. 

Since the C19 pandemic forced most of the world into lockdown, people had to deal with social isolation while finding means to remain connected to the outside world. 

Social media has never been as active as it is now. Instagram currently has 500 million active users daily. There was a 70% increase in Instagram Live videos in the US alone in just one month.

Just one month.

It’s not only the social butterflies trying to maintain their calm and popularity during a very stressful time globally. Like you, people are flocking to social media to imprint their mark on the social media buzz-spots to keep their heads above water.

Back to the question of ‘Why Instagram’? Let’s look at some fun facts that are somewhat serious business. The statistics were published by Business of Apps on 20 July 2020.

  • Instagram has 1 Billion active users monthly.
  • Americans using Instagram daily = 120.7 million.
  • 30% of the users are between 18 – 24 years old (young professionals)
  • 35% of all Instagram users are between 25 – 34 years old. (starting to settle down and nestle in)
  • 66% of Instagram users use the platform to engage with brands, with 53% confirming that they’ll follow the brand for its exciting content alone.
  • Instagram is for image sharing, with more than 73% of all content being photographs, memes, or posters, with a further 13.7% being video content.
  • Segments are getting the most clicks and active engagement amounts to food at 43%, music-related posts at 44%, with the most engagement on travel-related posts at 45%

Okay. Now that you’re sold on why you need to make Instagram your new best marketing friend, let’s move over to some easy steps you can follow to ensure you get it done like the pros.

How Do You Get Your Following?

How to Get More Engagement on Instagram - How to Get Followers

It can be daunting, making this shift from physical to virtual, but listen. It’s enjoyable once you’ve laid down the foundations and start reaping all the benefits this virtual world has to offer.

The increase in your bottom line will make it all worth it.

Here we go. 

1. Have a Clear Plan

The most successful Instagrammers plan and execute their accounts well. Every little detail matters, and you’ll notice the difference in numbers once you’ve created, and stick to, your plan and social identity.

Start by laying down some ground rules for your feed. The font you’re going to use, the filter for the pictures, the color scheme, and a well-written bio are essential.

It all makes for a solid start to building your brand and engagement.

Don’t be scared to have fun writing your bio. Use emojis to show the world who you are and what you’re passionate about. Keep to short sentences and one-liners in your bio.

Using keywords to describe your business or service will suffice. Jazz it up with some emojis, and you’re #ready to go.

Colors are as important as your content. Instagram is all about eye-candy. Aesthetics are essential and must flow smoothly to the eye.

Let’s say you’re a small business owner who does events catering. How you share what you do will determine how many likes, tags, and shares you’ll receive.

Decide on one filter and stick to it for all your images. 

You can post pictures and live videos of how you prepare the main meal for an event or how your team sets up the venue.

Get creative, and draw your followers into your life as an events coordinator.

2. Get up Close and Personal

Get up Close and Personal With Your Instagram Followers

It’s not easy for everybody to jump on the Instagram Live band-wagon. Once again, if you plan your live streaming posts well, much of the anxiety will evaporate.

The moment you go live, it puts you right at the top of the story feed. It’s a priceless marketing tool, don’t waste it. Live streams shouldn’t last longer than 10 minutes, either.

You want to keep your audience engaged. Don’t lecture or make hard sales. Keep it light and to the point covering one product or service per live stream, and always end with a call to action. 

“Stay tuned for the big reveal next.”

That was it. A CTA is as simple as inviting or redirecting your followers to remain engaged. A great way to engage with your followers is to create teasers to build up to your live streaming events. 

Invite expert guests to do a Q&A on your live show. Nothing gets an Instagram feed as noticeable as celeb appearances. It’s a great teaser when informing people of your next live event.

The benefits of engaging personally with your followers are worth it to at least give it a good go. It puts a face to your brand and makes you human.

At a time when the web is crawling with chancers and fly-by-nights, it’s the best way of showing people that you’re real. It helps you to build authentic relationships with potential consumers, but from a distance.

3. Create Engaging Videos

As part of your weekly planner, you can also schedule regular vlogs. The same rules apply to live streaming, but you can cover so much more with a video blog, aka vlog. 

You can address every aspect of who you are, your brand, and what service you deliver with cleverly planned videos. 

If you’re a personal trainer, post short work-out sessions three times a week, or daily if you’re planning to make Instagram your sole marketing tool.

You can take it even further and create a virtual challenge around your sessions. People respond to the CTA, and a challenge is nothing but that.

Get some sponsors on board to award the winners, and there you have them. You’re on your way to becoming an Instagram influencer.

Create Engaging Videos For Instagram Followers

If you’re a private chef, start creating high-quality cooking tutorials. The secret to Instagram vlogs is to keep it short and straightforward.

Always use high-resolution images and good lighting.

If a specific brand doesn’t pay you – yet – don’t market their products for free. 

By engaging with your followers and getting more likes and shares, you’ll build up a noticeable audience.

Before you know it, you’re marked as an influencer and start getting paid for using top-notch brands on your feed.

4. Remain Consistent

Remain Consistent With Your Instagram Followers

It’s the part in the process that separates those who make it and those who won’t. Success takes time, and consistency is a crucial aspect of gaining people’s trust.

If you get your planning right from the beginning by scheduling your live shows and videos, it becomes second nature to ‘show up.’ 

Never miss a meeting. If you scheduled a live show or promised a video. Be there and get it done. Even if it means grabbing your best friend to stand in for you, don’t let your followers down.

It’s Not So Tough

There you have it. The beginners guide to getting more engagement on Instagram in a nutshell. In a world where technology is taking over our lives and creating new habits amongst consumers, you don’t need to be left behind.

Once you get started and gain your first few followers, you’ll see it’s not as difficult as you first thought. 

Take Away

The time for change is now to start opening up new doors for a brighter future. This train is leaving the station, and it’s a fun one to be on.

Take your time. Get your planning done.

Decide who you want to be online. Create schedules that you can easily maintain, and before you know it, you can be a household name with an engaging following.

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