7 Best Tips to Write Plagiarism-Free Content for SEO

7 Best Tips to Write Plagiarism-Free Content for SEO

Are you facing the issue of plagiarism in your articles or blog post? Do you feel it hard to draft unique, genuine, or original blogs for your website? If the answer is yes, you will get this blog beneficial for you. In this article we share 7 Best Tips to Write Plagiarism-Free Content for SEO.

We all know that plagiarism is one of the most threatening factors for the SEO of any digital asset. According to researchers, unique content is necessary and one of those 200 SEO factors that are accessed by Google for ranking.

Every person wants to get a position for his website in the top results of the search engine. It makes the necessity of unique content more important for all writers and SEO geeks.

So, we have wrapped out this blog about plagiarism, its types, and how to write unique content for SEO. You should read it till the end because we have enlisted only those tips that are beneficial for everyone.

What Actually is Plagiarism?

First of all, it is important to understand the term plagiarism briefly. It has been seen that people take every copied word as plagiarism and label it as an illegal activity.

Plagiarism means duplication of other authors without giving them the credit for their work. It means if you are giving a link to the source and copying their words as it is, you are not plagiarizing your work.

In simple words, you can say that if you are writing a definition of some laws and copying them from the authentic document, you are not plagiarizing if you are given the original source a link.

Similarly, if you are writing on a subject-specific topic, you have to give a link to many online sources like papers or journals. In such a case, you are not doing plagiarism but you are giving your work authorization.

Common Types of Plagiarism

When it comes to understanding plagiarism in detail, it is important to have a look at the common types of it. There are two major types of plagiarism that you can discuss here.

First of all, it might be possible that you are copying someone from the internet intentionally. No doubt, quoting the source is not considered plagiarism but it does not mean that you have to fill your blog post with quoted work only.

In such a case, you may be doing patch duplication or complete duplication that will not be good for your work. Secondly, it might be possible that you are accidentally copying someone’s content without even knowing about it.

The main reason for this type of plagiarism is the excessive content availability. There are more than 7 million blogs published on the internet daily. It is hard for anyone to think in such a way that has not been thought about or written by someone.

Whether you are doing intentional plagiarism or accidental, it is important to check for plagiarism and get it removed. To check duplications in your work, you should have to use a free plagiarism checker.

The tool will help you in comparing your text with billions of web pages online. As a result, it will display the outcomes that it has got from its analysis. You can check whether your content is unique or not to make it original if possible.

How to Write Plagiarism-Free Content? (7 Best Tips)

Now, you are familiar with the term plagiarism and its common types. You must be ready to write plagiarism-free content to get better outcomes from your SEO. Let’s check those techniques that you should follow in this regard.

1. Choose a Unique Title

When you are writing a blog, you might be trying to write a title similar to your competitors. It is important to have a look at their strategies for better SEO but it does not mean that you have to copy them.

It is common to copy other blogs while writing a title. If you are doing this, you may have to face a high percentage of plagiarism in your blogs. It is because you will not be able to write with uniqueness when your title is copied.

So, you have to be focused and creative while writing the title. It will help you in thinking out of the box and make a plan of your content that may not has been in someone’s imagination.

2. Do the Correct Research

Lack of research is also another reason for plagiarism or duplication. It has been seen that many writers start working by doing research from one or two blogs. Keep in mind that it will limit your thoughts and understanding of the topic.

So, you should have to find time for researching your topic. It will help you in getting new ideas related to the main topic of your blog. Also, it may help you in reading between the lines which will then help you in writing a unique blog.

3. Write Original Outline

While doing research, you should have to keep an online notepad with you. It will help you in writing data that you are finding from different sources. Also, it will help you to collect facts and figures related to your topic.

Similarly, you should have to write a unique outline for your blog by checking other blogs. For this task, you should need to be creative as it will help you in writing engaging, appealing, and different outlines.

Keep in mind that your outline should be in a regular flow instead of an irregular manner. It means you have to keep the reader’s perspective in your mind while looking to draft the outline. You should have to think about what should be discussed first and what should be discussed after that.

4. Restructure the Sentences

If you are trying to write unique but are unable to do it, you can also restructure the sentences. It happens when you are dealing with some general topics and general lines. You may not be able to think of such words that can make those lines unique.

In such a case, you can restructure, reword, or rewrite those lines. It would be easy to do if you are familiar with different quick rules to follow. The best way to do this is to read those lines and change their voice.

As a result, you will get a line that is unique and engaging too.

5. Use Synonyms and Related Terms

No doubt, it is important to search the internet to write a blog post with optimization. In such a case, it might be possible that you have some concepts in your mind and write them without notice.

The plagiarism checker will highlight those lines and it is necessary for you to get rid of those lines by rewriting. This is where you will find synonyms beneficial for you.

It would be simple for you to replace the original terms with their synonyms and related words to make them unique. As a result, you will be able to see that your blog post is 1005 unique and ready to publish.

6. Quote Sources

As we have mentioned earlier that not all subjects, lines, or phrases can be rewritten. It is because you may be discussing some stats that can’t be changed or replaced.

So, you have to learn the art of quoting a source to keep those lines away from plagiarism. You should have to learn how to cite a source using APA, MLA, or any other source.

After that, you have to hyperlink the source where it is necessary to tell Google that you are not duplicated content.

7. Follow Your Own Style

Last but not least, you should not be ready to follow other author’s style. No doubt, it is common to get impressed by someone’s writing style.

But it is not good to follow them or use their styles in your writing. You should keep working with your style and improve it from time to time to make it more engaging.

By doing this, you may be able to eliminate even threats of plagiarism in your work.

Final Wrapping

By reading the above tips, it might be possible that you have got enough data regarding plagiarism-free content importance and how to write it. You should follow these tips with great care and keep your work beneficial for SEO instead of harming your efforts.

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