7 Virtual Events to Boost Morale of Your Workforce

7 Virtual Events to Boost Morale of Your Workforce

With the rise of hybrid and remote work, it’s crucial for businesses to provide virtual areas where employees can stay engaged. Because of the lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, everyone stayed home and met virtually for business and social events. Hybrid work arrangements continue this trend, with some employees going back to the office while others work remotely.

Virtual events are clearly within the purview of corporate teams and team building initiatives, as well as those aimed at attracting new clients or establishing credibility within the sector. By practicing these virtual event ideas, you can brand your company as a forward thinking organisation that is great to work for.

Tips for Selecting a Virtual Gathering

Ideas for team building can be found in an infinite variety. Identifying the kind of virtual event you wish to host entails:

  • Prepare for the event by deciding what you hope to gain from it.
  • Planning out exactly when you would like the event to occur
  • Who would you like to see at the virtual event?
  • Think about the funds you now have available.
  • Why might a virtual event be a good way to foster teamwork?

Given the increasing number of individuals who work remotely and rely on their computers for work, it is crucial that sincere efforts are made to foster a sense of community and camaraderie that extends beyond the workplace.

Building strong bonds within a team is just as important for morale and productivity as having a physical office. This is especially difficult for partially or fully remote teams, thus it’s important to hold team building exercises online.

Ideas for Virtual Team Building Include Several Advantages, Such as:

  • Raising spirits across the board
  • Encourage really collaborative efforts amongst employees
  • Inspire and back new ways of thinking and doing things.
  • Maximise output
  • Encourage your team members to be adaptable and versatile.
  • Make your workplace more enjoyable
  • Create inclusive networks with people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe, whether they’re in the office or working remotely.

Here is a list of a variety of virtual events that might be helpful for team building, from concepts that are meant to train certain workplace processes to events that are meant to bring people together via laughter and pleasure.

1. Online Game to See Who

Everyone here knows that playing Guess Who is a blast. Using the other person’s hair colour, eye colour, and the presence or absence of glasses as clues, and then violently snapping down the cards to narrow down your final guess, has been a family staple for decades.

Even adults can enjoy this idea, and it would be perfect as an icebreaker for a virtual team building session. A great method to meet your coworkers and learn more about them—or to realise you don’t know nearly as much as you thought about their hobbies!

2. An Online Obstacle Course

Fun and thrilling team outings are what many companies are looking for these days, and escape rooms are a great option. Even with a remote team, you can still enjoy this exciting event.

It encourages teamwork as you solve clues and race against the clock to escape the room. Nothing beats the thrill of solving a room’s code while the clock ticks down. Choose from a wide variety of themes and progress to the next level before you may escape entirely.

3. An Online Murder Mystery

Enjoy yourself while you strive to solve the mysteries that have been laid out for you by becoming the greatest detective you can be. Assembling a squad of investigators and a lone killer is an excellent method to enjoy teamwork.

Working together as a team not only helps you solve clues more creatively, but it also helps you build stronger relationships with your other players. Pick an entertaining topic, divide up the roles, and encourage your team to get creative with their personas and costumes.

4. Playing Pictionary Online

Challenge your team’s drawing abilities in this online Pictionary game. Here, players take part in a traditional team game by drawing clues on an online whiteboard rather than writing down the precise word.

When played in a group, this game not only brings teammates closer together, but it also has the potential to make everyone laugh—particularly if some of your teammates are terrible artists!

5. Online Game of Charades

In a high-pressure team game like charades, where every move counts, learning to rely solely on body language is a great strategy to hone your communication abilities.

You may add a new kind of difficulty by playing the game online, and you also have the option to mute the actor if you so desire! If you want to play a game of charades, you can pick from a wide variety of themes.

6. Online Game Shows

One surefire technique to get people talking is to hold a quiz. It forms groups of people and depends on their sharing of information. Someone who loves the picture round, knows every single sporting outcome of all time, has excellent general knowledge, and is a cinephile who can name every single Oscar winner is constantly needed.

It is our hope that a workplace quiz will bring people together, motivate them to work hard, and perhaps even spark a healthy amount of rivalry, such as when someone gets an erroneous answer or a tiebreak results in a fight for their fellow employees (we’ve all been there, seething!).

7. Online Painting Lesson

Painting is a wonderful way to relax and unwind, and a watercolour painting class is a wonderful way to bring people together. Relax and let your problems fade away on this digital canvas perfect for a digital water colouring party.

Create a relaxed atmosphere by setting a subject or topic for your team to paint, encouraging open communication at a designated time, and providing snacks and refreshments. Afterwards, everyone gathers to display and discuss their work, much as in a real-life watercolour class.

Standard Procedure for Establishing a Virtual Team

Even when your company doesn’t have the resources to host traditional team building exercises, there are still ways to foster an efficient work environment and encourage organic, relationship-based team growth among your remote or hybrid employees.

  • Keep in constant contact with every member of your team, just as you would in a conventional office.
  • Give your employees a place to “cool off” in a private, online setting.
  • Assemble health benefits packages for workers.
  • Reward and incentivize outstanding performance by your staff.
  • To keep everyone on the same page and give a quick rundown of the day’s tasks, hold brief daily meetings.

If your employees follow even a handful of these guidelines, they will feel much more connected to their remote co-workers and supervisors. When combined with creative and entertaining team building activities held as part of online gatherings, this does wonders for the morale and camaraderie of your employees.

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