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Matthias Löwenstein Designer Interview

Designer Interview With Matthias Löwenstein

Designer Interview With Matthias Löwenstein

Matthias Löwenstein is the Art Director at Season Zero a graphic design studio located in Stralsund, Germany. Since 2004 they’ve been working with a wide variety of national and international award-winning bands, musicians and labels. Season Zero consider themselves less as artists and more as graphic service providers at the intersection between musicians, management and labels. They accompany the process of artwork creation from the beginning and take over the communication between all parties.

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Trademarking Your Domain Name It Is A Must.

Trademarking Your Domain Name? It Is A Must

In the era of the World Wide Web and instant gratification, internet-based marketing is one of the pillars that hold any business, no matter how big or small it is. Having a website to go with your business is so common that it’s not even a question of preference or necessity anymore. It’s understood that, if you need a product or service, your first stop is your web browser.

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Run Studio Run by Eli Altman - Book Review

Run Studio Run by Eli Altman

Run Studio Run is a book that details how to manage and grow a small creative studio. The first edition was successfully funded on Kickstarter and available for purchase through Extracurricular Press in May 2018.

Run Studio Run is a step-by-step guide that helps you look at your studio critically—as a business as opposed to an artistic endeavor. You will establish goals and paths and how to reach them. You will see that the more of your business you can commit to process, the more you will free yourself up to do the work you really love.

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