Branding Projects Without Working Up a Sweat Using Business Website Templates - Pros and Pitfalls

Branding Projects Without Working Up a Sweat Using Business Website Templates: Pros and Pitfalls

In today’s digital world, all businesses must have a solid Internet presence. Unfortunately, social media presence is insufficient.

A superb website is the best way for your company to earn a good reputation and authority. Today we are going to speak not only about the meaning of online projects for your brand, but also share some common mistakes made while launching the site using business website templates. Are you ready to depart on our journey?

Is Business Website Design Imperative for Your Brand?

Businesses, no matter what size or sector they have, must invest in establishing a site for a diverse range of reasons.

  1. One of the primary reasons for having a business website design is to boost a brand reputation. Launching an appealing and sophisticated website is the greatest approach to differentiate yourself from the competitors in the market. A fully functioning project aids in the development of a prominent online presence and delivery of exceptional content. A company’s validity may be called into doubt if it does not have a proper online project. Clients demand it and social media profiles from respectable and credible businesses.
  2. A website aids in the development of your brand’s exposure and its presentation to targeted consumers. It aids in the formation of your reputation by informing the audience of who you are. Consumers will get verifiable facts, which help to distinguish your company from the competition.
  3. One of the most appealing benefits of the brand site is assistance in creating more leads and improving sales. When customers find your business online, they strive to learn more about your goods, offerings, and service. In addition to this, an efficient website with various SEO strategies gives more possibilities to rank higher in Google search results.
  4. Businesses regularly take messages from clients inquiring about such matters as the location or operating hours. From time to time, your team may be unable to respond to all calls. It may leave a client dissatisfied. Having a site minimizes the number of calls received and increases team performance.
  5. An online project is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The site allows you to notify consumers of updates and news instantly. It is the most convenient approach to keep clients informed about what the company is doing and what it has planned.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing a Site Based on Business Website Templates

  • Unattractive or meaningless images.

Photography and graphics are equally essential components of site design. Images may instantly express complicated ideas without the need to read the words. Having said that, many firms employ inappropriate or weird photos for no apparent reason. Images of poor quality will wreak havoc on your site and scare away visitors. Utterly pointless photos will frustrate your readers and make them question what you are attempting to say.

Bad example:

Good example:

  • Hidden or invisible navigation.

Navigability difficulties will quickly ruin your site’s appeal. We are living in a time when everything is supplied instantly. If one needs to wait longer, it causes visitors to quit your site.

Keeping your navigation difficult to discover is a typical error. We are pretty sure that you have visited some online projects with the menu or search option that was difficult to locate. It definitely irritates people. Therefore, guarantee your website’s navigation is much quicker to discover.

Bad example:

Good example:

  • Missing contact information.

Another typical misstep is an absence of contact details. When users decide to buy an item or utilize your services, it is wrong to leave them without this page.

They must get your contact information as soon as they determine you are the correct company for them. If one needs to search your site for contact info, he or she is inclined to become annoyed and depart. Your “Contact Us” page must be easily accessible.

Bad example:

Good example:

  • Advertisements do not have the right locations on the site.

It is no doubt that many people dislike ads, but it is something that a business site cannot avoid.  There is no need to say that it is one of the primary revenue sources.

Too much advertising (or too loud and dazzling versions of them) may irritate your readers and result in a decrease in revenue. Examine your adverts carefully. If they irritate you even a little, they will surely irritate your consumers. Keep an eye out for pop-ups, too.

Bad example:

Good example:

  • Inadequate use of content and whitespace.

Content is a critical component of every site and marketing plan. Content is what informs viewers about your brand and the items or services it provides. Pay close attention to the typefaces you select and how the material is organized.

Choose a readable and appealing font. Use white space effectively to guide the eye across your site and make massive blocks of content less frightening. Many individuals commit the error of including too much content.

Wherever feasible, break it up and utilize visual components to express ideas. Customers may believe your firm has been shut down if you do not update the content regularly.

Bad example:

Good example:

Custom Website vs. Template: What Will Win in This Battle?

Business Website Templates Custom Website
  1. Customizing business website templates does not require you to be a technical professional. For integrating and altering their elements, most website builders employ drag-and-drop technologies.
  2. The cost is determined by its sophistication and customizable capabilities. Overall, it is a low-cost web design option, particularly for start-ups and small organizations.
  3. In a few days, you may set up and publish a brand-new site. All of the code is waiting for you, and the site does not need to go through numerous tests and revisions.
  4. From a multitude of distinct designs, you are free to choose something that meets your needs. So, you will not face the question of where to buy website templates.
  5. Both premium and free business templates have comfort and ease of use in mind. Even though the layout varies, the basic architecture stays the same.
  1. Custom websites can be anything you want them to be. First and foremost, it fits into your company strategy. Secondly, you can have any characteristic, style, and capability to meet any requirement.
  2. Speed and user-friendliness are integrated into the site’s core with a unique design.
  3. The developer may add new functionalities or improve current ones by modifying just a few lines of code. So, it will be possible to satisfy rising needs such as extra traffic or new product categories.
  4. Cooperating with a real specialist provides you with useful design suggestions. The developer will assist you in better project understanding and avoiding costly financial missteps along the road.
  1. If you have a distinctive company concept, it will almost certainly necessitate a similarly uncommon website. Even with countless designs to pick from, you may only find a handful that meets your specific requirements.
  2. You will have limited customization capabilities.
  3. When it comes to free business website templates, they may get rare updates or no updates at all.
  4. Remember that these are for the general public. In other words, you can expect to come across similar sites.
  1. Sad to say, but the cost reflects all of that effort. A custom website costs thousands of dollars on average. It is multiple times more costly than an equal template-based site.
  2. Based on the intricacy of the site, it takes from a few weeks to a couple of months to build.

A Few Words to Conclude

Hoping to attract clients without an Internet presence is like relocating to another country without telling others about it. You have packed all your staff, booked a flight, and rented a flat.

After this, you expect someone to visit your new place, but nobody comes. In other words, people will not find your company if you do not put it somewhere where they can readily find it.

In other words, a decent website is the finest approach to showcase your brand to a prospective customer.

You can opt for a logo template design and finding a ready-made solution (premium or free business website templates). However, the result will not be as unique as a custom solution, but may be what you need to get started on a low budget. Just check you’re not using a plagiarised design before committing to it.

Thanks for reading!

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