30 Free New Fonts For Designers

30 Free New Fonts For Designers

Calling all designers! We have a fresh set of 30 Free New Fonts For Designers to download right here at The Logo Creative. Its a great source for some cool looking Typefaces absolutely free of charge for you to use personally or commercially with the odd exception to a couple of the typefaces which require a license to use commercially so be sure to check the license info included with each font.

Read on to download the set of 30 Free New Fonts For Designers

We have done our best to try and find a little bit of everything in this free font collection bundle to save you searching time and now you can play around with some new typography for fun or for your projects. Each font is displayed in pure black and white monochrome style which includes details about the typeface and its designer.

We are sure you will love this collection of free fonts and if you have not already checked out our other collection of  “10 Fresh Free Fonts for Graphic Designers” be sure to do so. So let get into this and here we present to you 30 Free New Fonts For Designers.


Acrylic Hand Thick

The Acrylic Hand Font Collection, created by Tom Chalky, includes four SVG fonts with an entirely hand painted, multilingual glyph range featuring realistic and high-quality textures throughout. The textures are exactly as they appear in the preview images (no extra work required!).

This freebie includes the Acrylic hand thick SVG & TTF only. Click here for the complete Acrylic Hand SVG Font Collection

Please Note: Opentype SVG Fonts require Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 (or newer). TTF fonts are included and this works universally (they’re just not as cool looking)

Free for personal use.


Aileron is a free typeface of 16 weights. Great for multi-use as either body copy or headlines not only is it free to use personally but also commercially for your graphic design projects.


Aloja handwriting font was drawn by Ieva Mezule and put together byKrisjanis Mezulis. Aloja font can be used for – Big titles, events, posters, invitations, and website, since there is also a .woff version. It is easy to read and features a fresh and easy feel. Every single letter is hand drawn with a thin brush on acrylic paper, this making the typeface visually unique. The playful letter bounces make it stand out from the crowd.

Free for personal & commercial use


Anodina, created by Stefano Giliberti, is a font family with human features but symmetric in its soul. It includes 5 weights from Extra Light to Extra Bold. This font family is great for logo design, posters, basic text, headlines, and much more.

Free for personal & commercial use


Arkipelago, from Nasir Udin, a wet inky brush script font that has a traditional vibe with its imperfect handwriting. It contains extra alternate letters and several ligatures to make your designs look even more naturally handwritten.

Free for personal & commercial use

Big John / Slim Joe

The font was designed by Ion Lucin and it is absolutely free to be used in both personal and commercial projects.

Bobby Jones

Introducing the loud & proud Bobby Jones Font Collection, created by Tom Chalky.

This freebie includes the Soft & Rough Soft + Outlined versions only. Click here for the complete Bobby Jones Font Collection

Inside the full produc,t you’ll find 16 quirky handcrafted fonts, oozing with personality, ripe and ready to take center stage within a variety of creative and fun design projects. If you’re looking to grab eyeballs with an ad campaign, a logo design, apparel, printed stationery, and all that other good stuff, then worry not – Bobby has you covered.

We all come with imperfections and Bobby is no exception! His outlines are slightly off, his corners are irregular, his straights aren’t straight, but he’s cool with it. In fact, he’s too busy strutting his stuff.

Download the Soft & Rough Soft + Outlines versions in the full collection below

Free for personal use


Introducing Briberra, a rough bold script designed by Sarid Ezra!

Briberra is hand lettering script font that contains stylistic alternates & swashes that will help to create your own customized designs. You can use this font for quotes, t-shirt designs, branding, plus plenty of other projects. This font contains multilingual characters, supports PUA and is available in OTF and TTF formats.

To add an underline to any word just type underscore + number (from 1 to 5). For example, Brib_3erra in the main preview.

Free for personal & commercial use


Bripokus Stencil Font

Bripokus, from Ahsancomp Studio, is a Bold Condensed Stencil Typeface. It’s best to be used on Poster, Web Header, Book Cover, Packaging and other design that needs strong and bold feels. It’s a regular style.

Free for personal & commercial use


The Buckwheat SVG font collection, created by Tom Chalky, includes three unique Opentype SVG fonts featuring an entirely hand-painted, multilingual glyph range with high-quality and authentic textures built in, with zero extra work required! Much like real paint, the textures are transparent, enhancing the overall effect.

Please note – Opentype SVG Fonts require Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018 (or newer). Regular OTF font also included which works universally.

Free for personal use.


ColorTube is the first FREE *colored font by Ivan Filipov. He started working on it a few years after he created Multicolore. The typeface is constructed following geometric principles. Also, notice that not all endings or crossings are following the “color overlay” logic—as Ivan says himself, he did some changes to make it more appealing. For now, ColorTube supports Basic Latin character set. In the future, he’s planning to add accented character and diacritics, as well as Cyrillic. You can see more of Ivan’s projects on his website – neogrey.com

*Colortube requires Adobe CC 2018 to work properly as a color font.


Colus is a free display font, whose designer Stan Partalev was inspired by stone and wooden carved letter inscriptions. With a classical appearance and mature characteristics, this typeface family is appropriate for impressive headlines, remarkable logos, and beautiful signs. As the first professional font by Stan, Colus comes with the broad support of many Latin and Cyrillic based languages, proper localizations, lining numbers and old-style figures. Colus pro scriptum est!

Free for personal & commercial use


Cunia is a sans serif font with slightly rounded corners designed by Alejo Bergmann. It contains all capital letters, numerals, and symbols. This font is perfectly suited for a variety of display purposes, including logotypes, badges and labels, headlines and banners, prints and much more.

Free for personal & commercial use


Disclaimer designed by Boris Bonev it a module-based display font coming in two variations: Plain and Classic.

Free for personal & commercial use


Finland Rounded Font Family by Craft Supply Co., has been crafted from scratch with a structural logic of its own: a fusion of pure geometry and optical balance. Finland Rounded font family comes with 6 Styles, Regular, Italic, Thin, Thin Italic, Bold, Bold Italic. By combining a variety of styles Finland Rounded Font Family is suitable for logos, greeting cards, book titles, quotes, posters, branding, stationery and much more.

This freebie includes the Finland Rounded Thin OTF & TTF only. Click here for the complete Finland Rounded – Font Family

Free for personal & commercial use


Fixer is an elaborate free layered type system from William Suckling.

It features a total of 7 fonts that come together beautifully for creating bold headlines, branding, signage etc. It will function great for you, whether you are trying to achieve a clean modern look, or even a traditional vintage style making it an incredibly versatile typeface.


  • Fixer – 3D
  • Fixer – Display Fill
  • Fixer – Display
  • Fixer – Inline
  • Fixer – Line
  • Fixer – Outline
  • Fixer – Regular

Free for personal & commercial use

Free Fat Font

Free Fat Font was created by Thom Niessink, and is exactly what you’d expect. It’s Fat and it’s free.

This font has an extremely heavy weight and many unique characters. Perfect for big titles, advertising, labeling, packaging and anything that needs a big impactful typeface. It also features multilingual characters for increased usability.

As an update, this free font now features a Slanted version as well as webfonts for both versions!

Free for personal & commercial use


Hansief is a bold sans serif typeface from Kautsar Rahadi. It features a distinct vintage-inspired style and comes with 2 styles – Regular and Rough.

This typeface features great textures and is filled with unique characters. There are also extended latin characters for even broader use.

Free for personal & commercial use


Horizon is a new free script font from TJ Creative shop – It’s a new fresh handmade font that features an authentic natural stroke. Very suitable for greeting cards, branding materials, quotes, posters, advertisements and much more!

Free for personal & commercial use


Mindfully is a signature font from Sinikka Li that has been made to give your text a beautiful & calligraphic look. Each letter has been created with lots of thought and love. If you’re looking for an elegant yet cute typeface for projects such as logos, printed quotes, invitation cards, social media headers, product packaging, posters and more – this is font is the perfect fit!

Here is what you get in the download:

4 font files: “Mindfully” Regular, Regular Italic, Alternate and Alternate Italic.

the font comes in TTF format (works with Mac & PC)

Multilingual support for the following languages included: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Norweigen, Danish, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian and Estonian

Free for personal & commercial use


It’s a free typeface with 18 styles designed by Rajesh Rajput. It’s a great clean typeface that can be used for all type of graphic design projects including logo design, headlines, and titles for graphic design and print design including branding collateral, packaging and magazine layouts and available to use personally and commercially.

Free for personal & commercial use

Object Sans

Object Sans is a contemporary type family that puts together the best qualities of Swiss neo-grotesks and geometric fonts. It’s a multifunctional workhorse designed to work best in any printed and on-screen contexts, including logo design, brand identities, websites, packaging, posters, and headlines; regular weight is carefully tuned for small sized body text. The typeface comes in 7 weights, upright and slanted each.

Object Sans is an evolved and improved version of Objectivity typeface.

Free for personal & commercial use


Puzzled, from Dmitriy Chirkov is a modern trendy script that has been attentively written with gentle curves to produce a font that’s completely distinctive and original. It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, a large range of punctuation, numerals and multilingual support. Perfect for adding an elegant and unique touch to your creative projects.

Free for personal & commercial use


Rustico is a brand new free font from Hustle Supply Co.  It is an all-caps typeface that is bold and features authentic brush texture and an italicized stance.

This font is a great way to make a statement in your apparel, branding, marketin, and web design, among many other uses.

Free for personal & desktop commercial use


Serico is a free calligraphy style font from Stefano Giliberti. It comes with 390 glyphs and is multilingual.

Free for personal & commercial use

Space Grotesk

In 2017, Florian Karsten was commisioned by friends Jakub Konvica and Lukáš Dobeš to modify Colophon’s open-source typeface Space Mono. The result was Space TIC, a three-weight proportional version of the original Space Mono, which proved to be a solid display typeface. Space TIC was later complemented with a single weight text version (Space TIC Text), which created a baseline for Space Grotesk.

Space Grotesk supports Latin Extended-A character set and several OpenType features.

Free for personal & commercial use

The Circus Display

Out of all the display fonts, this hand-drawn typeface by 24Design Studios is something very unique, related to vintage & classic styles. We always hear the circus orchestra playing while looking at it, honestly!

This rough typeface has strong charisma, appealing to the audience. Coming in two different styles (regular and striped one), it gives a chance to freely edit the degree of its “vintageness”. The font will fit any purpose: from logos, labels, posters to web design projects and banners. Let the magic of circus come to your designs and bring its touch of magic wonders!

Free for personal & commercial use


Tradesmith is a brand-new vintage font from 1871 Project. This font is the perfect balance of vintage and industrial with squared characters and angled corners – suitable for pairing with other fonts to create authentic branding, logos, lockups & more. It includes 4 styles: Regular, Round, Rough & Stamp, which means you’ll be able to get a perfect character your project needs.

Free for personal & desktop commercial use

Tuesday Night

Tuesday Night is a brand-new free signature script from Font Forestry.

It is a handcrafted script font made for many different applications & styles to personalize your products. Tuesday night features extra large capitals for a unique signature style that is perfect for wedding invitations, logos, apparel, decorative quotes, prints, scrap booking and much more!

Free for personal & desktop commercial use


Understock is the latest vintage creation from 1871 Project. This font is a unique take on a vintage serif featuring a ton of cool characters that will set your designs apart. It includes 3 styles: Regular, Rough & Round, so you’ll be able to fit the exact style of your project.

Free for personal & desktop commercial use

*Please respect any license restrictions of any given typeface and be sure to check the license info for each font. We will not be held responsible for incorrect usage. 

Download All 30 Fonts Below

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