Could Blockchain Improve The Cybersecurity Of Supply Chains

Could Blockchain Improve The Cybersecurity Of Supply Chains

Blockchains act to provide security to Supply Chains. It is inferred that Supply Chain is quite a broad area of operations and deals with loads of data right from Planning, Warehousing, manufacturing, delivering, and returning. In this article we answer the question of Could Blockchain Improve The Cybersecurity Of Supply Chains.

The supply chain is extremely complex in nature and turns extremely vulnerable. That is why larger entities want to keep information safe and secure from unscrupulous elements.

The following article will act to discuss Blockchain technology and its application in Supply Chain Management (SCMs).

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Blockchain Technology 

At the core, basics Blockchain is simply a distributed ledger that can track each and every development of a product and service from Planning to distribution. Transactions on Blockchain are done virtually.

Blockchain Technology creates blocks that are extremely expansive in nature.  Information or reciprocations that are done do not really stick to one particular source and are distributed.

This permeative quality helps provide security to information used in this network.

The businesses of today are running after BlockChain Technology due to the following reasons:

  • Firstly, BlockChain Technology takes all the parties into confidence when a transaction is made.
  • Secondly, BlockChain makes the concerned parties agree on the time of the transactions made.

Key Features of BlockChain Technology 

Blockchain is getting extremely popular with the passage of time. This denotes, they are getting popular with time and they are getting utilized in different workspaces. The innate characteristics of BlockChain are as follows:

  • Firstly, BlockChain accesses threats as well as risks
  • Secondly, they take automated measures to control the vulnerabilities of the systems
  • Thirdly, they understand the malicious software.
  • Fourthly, they access the threats and uncertainties that persist already in the network system Fifthly, data backups and Data correction codes are easily accessible and controlled in the network system.

Alongside these, there are other characteristics of Blockchain Technologies like Access Control, Authentification, Encryptions, Implementation of Firewall, and most importantly Cryptographic Checksums.

Application Of Blockchain in Cybersecurity in Supply Chain

In cyber security, BlockChain acts to provide safety and security to the supply chain through Triad Model that includes:

  • Confidentiality. 
  • Integrity.
  • Availability.


Under Blockchain the reciprocation of information between two parties is end to end encrypted. Therefore, not a third party would be able to get access to the set of information.

Blockchain could provide advanced control through specific keys that are both public as well as Private Keys


Organizations using blockchains are using different Protocols to ensure that their systems turn out to be immune to any kind of malware attacks. Log Books, Traceability History, and Mining Blocks are accessed to ensure that the systems turn highly immune to attacks.


Cyber Attacks that attempt to disrupt the internal systems, is increasing with time. Out of all the attacks, DDOS is the most common attack. Blockchain has no single point of failure and they have their internal systems getting scrutinized with the mechanisms.

How Can Blockchain in Supply Chain Management Improve Data Security?

There are specific reasons why huge data used in the supply chain could become infectious. The heaps of data are always under severe threats.

  • Complex logistics Process.
  • Lack of proper digital Structure.
  • Professionalism and Accountability.
  • Large Supply Chain Networks.

The aforementioned points act to create problems and make data turn extremely vulnerable.

It is therefore inferred that accuracy, security, precisions, therefore, becomes important trajectory or hardpoint of discussions as far as discourse on Blockchain and security is concerned.

Easy exchange and Transparency in the blockchain are deemed important aspect of security. This is because the organization intends to keep the internal system easy for its employees.

Centralized data base and online dashboards help in properly structuring data and also storing them in a secured manner.

Easy Verification and Audits for Supply Chain Transactions

This is a notable fact that unscrupulous elements could peep into the system and tarnish important data.

Smart Contracts are one of the prime characteristics of Blockchain that act to provide a shield against unethical tampering of data.

This act to provide safety, Security as well as Transparency with the data- is an essential requisite to the supply Chain.


In order to conclude it could be understood that Blockchain acts to provide safety and security to data.

It is also inferred from the study that Blockchain with its decentralized networks crates shields against malicious virtual attacks.

Blockchain Technology with the help of its innate characteristics successfully guards the important documents pertaining to the Supply Chain Management of an organization.

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