Rebecca Heinemann Designer Interview

Designer Interview With Rebecca Heinemann

Designer Interview With Rebecca Heinemann

Rebecca is the Founder and Creative Director of CraftWell, a strategic creative agency located in Los Angeles, CA. For the past 2 decades, Rebecca has focused on identity system design and brand strategy for global companies such as Allergan, HBO, Vail Resorts, Pfizer, Boston Scientific, and Universal Music Group (to name a few).

Utilizing best practices in design, UX, strategy and branding Rebecca has led and launched countless campaigns throughout her career. Highlights include creating the award-winning experiential campaign for AMD’s (Advanced Micro Devices) developers conference, then followed by a post as Creative Director for Anthem BCBS, where she was instrumental in launching their digital department. For the last several years, Rebecca has partnered with funded start-ups, non-profits and Fortune 500s overseeing and leading their brand development.

“I have always been inspired by people, companies, brands, and ideas that embrace making a positive impact in the world. One of my personal motivations for starting CraftWell was the possibility of forging a studio that approached things from a deeper emotional place. Everything we touch and everything we do starts with digging deep and learning more about our clients, their products and the people that use them. Once clarity is gained we can create a powerful brand experience.”

Rebecca Heinemann Designer Quote

Prior to her work in advertising, Rebecca was the Head Art Director at Vivendi-Universal Music’s entertainment start-up where she led the design and development of their ground-breaking music platform. She oversaw the brand development for their online programs featuring artists such as Fab 5 Freddy, Jewel, and Robert Plant.
Currently, she serves as an ambassador for Creative Women’s Co., hosting a series of intimate gatherings in Los Angeles for creative women entrepreneurs. The goal of the group is to connect with each other on a personal level, host Brunch & Learns as well as facilitate mentoring opportunities. She is also the mother of a four-year-old—a role she has found to be her most challenging and rewarding to date.

The Logo Creative – Hi Rebecca It’s great that you’re participating as I’m trying to feature more female designers already have a few lined up so it’s great your taking part.

Rebecca Heinemann – Hi Andrew thank you for thinking of me for one of your designer interviews. I’m honored you thought of me. I loved reading through them…so many are inspirational.

The Logo Creative – What was the turning point in your life when you decided to become a designer and how did you proceed?

Rebecca Heinemann – I’ve always been a creator as far back as I can remember, but it was my senior year when I was taking a class at Parsons in NYC, that changed everything for me. I was introduced to Quark Express, one of the first book/magazine layout programs, and I was amazed at how quickly I could bring my ideas to life.

The Logo Creative – What does your day consist of?

Rebecca Heinemann – At the studio, I start off the day writing up the to-do’s in my paper notepad, then connect with my freelancers, take in a couple of meetings with clients, write up SOW’s, bill clients for jobs, pitch a few ideas and then layout an ad or two. There’s always a different design challenge and that keeps me inspired.

Rebecca Heinemann Designer Interview


The Logo Creative – Are you a morning person or night owl and is there a reason why?

Rebecca Heinemann – I used to be a night owl, but once I had my son all of that changed. Now I’m up early with him—which I love.

The Logo Creative – What was the first logo you ever designed?

Rebecca Heinemann – The logo Pfizer for Oncology Professionals

Designer Interview With Rebecca Heinemann

The Logo Creative – What is your favourite logo you have designed?

Rebecca Heinemann – My favourite logo that I’ve designed is one that I created recently for Iconic. In my opinion, it’s clean and conveys the brand’s meaning well.

Designer Interview With Rebecca Heinemann

The Logo Creative – What is your favourite logos of all time?

Rebecca Heinemann – The FEDEX logo. I love the arrow image that gets formed by the type. It’s so darn clever.

Fedex Branding - Designer Interview With Rebecca Heinemann

The Logo Creative – Can you describe or give us an overview of your logo design process?

Rebecca Heinemann – I like to look at the brand’s personality, essence, and positioning and take keywords that I can build upon. From there I research and explore variations of how those words can be represented. Then I sketch ideas or write notes. Moving on to Illustrator I then move the ideas onto the screen.


The Logo Creative – What brands do you most admire and how do they influence your creative thinking?

Rebecca Heinemann – Apple. I consistently check in with this brand. I’m always inspired by it’s simple and clean designs.

The Logo Creative – What do you consider your most successful design project, and why?

Rebecca Heinemann – The work that I did for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) because I created in 2012 and I still looks great.

 The Logo Creative – How long does it take to complete the average logo design project from start to finish?

Rebecca Heinemann – It all depends on the scope of the work. It could take a month, it could take ten. It all depends on the expectations and budget of the client.

The Logo Creative – What are you recommended design books to read?

Rebecca Heinemann – I love anything about Paul Rand. He’s clever—I love work that is smart and makes me think.

The Logo Creative – Which software do you use frequently and is there any you would recommend to designers?

Rebecca Heinemann – Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign…occasionally KeyNote

The Logo Creative – What is your favourite style of logo design? And why?

Rebecca Heinemann – I’m sure you’ve heard this before but clean and simple. In this world of media chaos, the eye needs a place to rest. The simplicity of a clean logo is calming in the storm.

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The Logo Creative – What is your daily inspiration when you design?

Rebecca Heinemann – My colleagues, my freelancers, my past work.

 The Logo Creative – When you’re not designing do you have a favorite free time activity you like to do?

Rebecca Heinemann – I practice yoga and hike the LA mountains.

 The Logo Creative – What was the biggest challenge you ever faced on a project?

Rebecca Heinemann – Trying to turn a cloudy day into a sunny one for a photo shoot.

The Logo Creative – In your opinion what’s the best and worst part of your job as a designer?

Rebecca Heinemann – The best part is brainstorming the possibilities; the worst part is the billing paperwork.

The Logo Creative – Who is the most inspiring person to you and why?

Rebecca Heinemann – That’s hard to pin down. It changes all the time. But the constants are:

  • My mother – she’s still running her own successful business at 71
  • My husband because he climbs mountains every morning at 6am on his bike
  • My son because he teaches me to see the world in fresh new ways

Rebecca Heinemann Designer Interview

The Logo Creative – Who is your favourite graphic designer and why?

Rebecca Heinemann – If I had to choose I would say Josef Muller-Brockmann.

The Logo Creative – What’s your favourite design quote or quote in general, and do you have a mantra or saying you live by?

Rebecca Heinemann – “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” ― Paul Rand

The Logo Creative – In less than 10 words what is graphic design?

Rebecca Heinemann – Design is a relationship between form and content…I’m pretty sure Paul Rand said this as well.

Designer Interview With Rebecca Heinemann

The Logo Creative – What steps did you take to start your graphic design business? Did you have to make any sacrifices on your journey?

Rebecca Heinemann – It’s a slow brew. It takes patience, time and consistent effort.

The Logo Creative – Do you have any regrets? Is there anything you would have changed early on in your career?

Rebecca Heinemann – If I could do it again, I would have started at an ad agency right off. The training, mentors, clients, and resources there are the best. I learned everything I know today from working at agencies and now all that knowledge is applied to running CraftWell.

The Logo Creative – If you could go back in time, what would you tell your younger self?

Rebecca Heinemann – Have a child earlier in life!

The Logo Creative – What’s the most important piece of advice you have received as a designer that’s helped you?

Rebecca Heinemann – I had a CD that worked with me to fine-tune my conceptual abilities. I learned from her that a clear message is more important than eye candy.

The Logo Creative – What would be your advice for new Logo and Graphic Designers?

Rebecca Heinemann – Start at the bottom, learn from the best, set your ego aside…go work at an award-winning agency. Learn to love pitching and presenting alone in front of an audience!

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