How to Convince People to Subscribe to Your Emails

How to Convince People to Subscribe to Your Emails

Sending out informative emails is one of the best ways of staying in touch with your clients. Read this article to find out How to Convince People to Subscribe to Your Emails.

Your email subscription base is one of your most valuable business assets. From this article, you’ll get to know what to do to encourage consumers to subscribe to your emails. These recommendations should come in handy for companies of nearly any sphere of activity.

Your Clients Should Know How to Subscribe to Your Emails

On too many sites, customers need to visit the Contacts section to find out they can sign up for a newsletter. But what if they don’t need to check that page? You should let people know that you can send them informative emails, if they wish.

Here are a few examples of the locations where you can place a link to your signup form:

  • Email signature
  • Social media channels
  • Company descriptions

You might even consider creating a marketing automation workflow that displays a pop-up form when a client has visited a certain amount of your site pages.

Leverage Popup Forms

According to the AWeber email marketing platform, a pop-up form for obtaining subscribers can convert 1,375% more efficiently, compared to a conventional form. You can use a drop-down, a slide-in or any other type of email subscription popup that you find suitable.

The trickiest aspect here is the timing. You should avoid showing such popups to people who have just opened your site for the first time. Instead, you should make sure they have checked your content and products and are genuinely interested in your brand.

Offer a Unique “Subscribers Only” Incentive

People love receiving gifts in exchange for their efforts. Here are a few examples of rewards that you can offer to those who subscribe to your emails:

  • Free products or testers
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Discount coupons
  • Free shipping for the first purchase

The exclusive content in this case should be genuinely useful. For instance, it can be an industry report with insightful statistics.

Demonstrate Immediate Value

Your potential subscribers should realize why they’re joining your email list. No one wants to receive spam. Many people are not too eager to share their contact details with strangers.

That’s why you should avoid saying “Join our Email List!” or “Subscribe to our Newsletter!”. You should specify which kind of valuable information you’re planning to send out: savings, deals, how-to’s, step-by-step guides and so on.

Give Them a Sneak Peek

You might want to create an informative and exciting video that anyone can watch for free on your site. It can be, for instance, a brilliant 5-step lifehack on solving an urgent problem.

You can show the first two steps to everyone. To be able to access the remaining steps, customers should share their emails with you. There should be a clear call to cation in the middle of the video.

Alternatively, you can write an article, or compose a table, or create any other type of content that you can split into segments.

Showcase Social Proof

Let your new potential subscribers know how many customers already receive your emails. If hundreds or thousands of clients find your messages worthy and read them, the information you share might be useful indeed. Numbers can convince your target audience better than any verbal praise of your content.

Add an Opt-In Field to Resource Landing Page Forms

You should always give your clients freedom of choice. Every action that they take on your site should be conscious and voluntary. Here is what we mean:

  • Whenever consumers opt for using a certain service, you should provide them with a link to its terms and conditions. For starters, you should check DMARC records and make sure you’re not getting spammed. Also, it’s a good idea to get your customers to tick the box to confirm they have read these terms and accept them.
  • Each time you ask clients to share their private data with you, you need to provide them with security guarantees. Consumers should glance through your security standards and tick the box to confirm that they agree with your policies.

Why not add one extra box to tick in each form — the one that confirms your clients’ agreement to receive your emails? In this case, you’ll be using a psychological trick.

If a person answers “yes” to two questions in a row, they will be likely to give a positive answer to the third question too. So, if there are three boxes to tick in the form, let the box that is related to receiving emails be the third one.

Make Your Emails Shareable

Here is what you can do:

  • Include social sharing functionality on the landing page where your sign-up form is located
  • Add the “Forward to a Friend” link in your email campaigns
  • Use built-in tools of email marketing that encourage sharing content

The recipients will be eager to share your emails with friends and colleagues if the content that you send them is informative, well-structured and highly relevant.

Test to Find Out What Works and What Doesn’t

Your emails don’t need to look and read identical. You can experiment with their following elements:

  • Offers
  • Headlines
  • Form placements
  • Incentives

After each test, you should measure and analyze the results. The type of trials that you should focus on is known as A/B split testing. Once you’ve detected what works best with your audience, you should stick to this format. However, sometimes you might come up with something new and unexpected just to spice up the process.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article informative and now you better understand how to convince people to subscribe to your emails. You should share the link to your signup form in your email signature, in your company’s descriptions, in social media and whenever it looks relevant.

It would be wise to leverage popup forms on your site and add an opt-in field to resource landing page forms. You can try to offer your clients a unique “subscribers only” incentive and give them a sneak peek to your content.

You should make your emails shareable, showcase social proof and demonstrate the immediate value of subscriptions to consumers. And of course, you should always keep testing various approaches and measuring their efficiency.

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