How To Create a Productive Office Space

How To Create a Productive Office Space

In this article we explain How To Create a Productive Office Space.

Every business owner has to create a comfortable and productive workspace for their employees. But unfortunately, it is easier said than done. All of the people that share the same workspace have different needs. Additionally, changing an office space in accordance with modern trends can be a challenge of its own.

As a result, many businesses owners struggle with building the optimal workspace where their employees could thrive. Luckily, anyone can use a few simple tips to adjust the space they have to their business correctly.

These tips include designing an efficient layout, inviting more natural light, removing unnecessary clutter, and taking care of air quality. Here is a complete list of changes business owners should implement to make the office a more productive space.

Adjusting the Layout

When it comes to creating an efficient office space, the layout plays a crucial role. Employees should have access to everything they need. It can be quickly done by utilizing furniture and storage items such as filing cabinets, bookcases, and bookshelves.

Moreover, as the front of the room is where people spend most of their time, it makes sense to put a team’s desks there.

Additionally, business owners should include a table in the centre of the office so that their employees have a place where they can gather together.

This way, if the whole team needs to discuss something, they can easily do that. It might also be a good idea to add more furniture or drawers.

Finally, business owners should not neglect the garage space. If business owners decide to supply their employees with a garage space, they can use to store their vehicles, it should be made as comfortable to use as possible.

One way to do it is by installing garage door openers and investing in high-quality garage doors that will withstand the test of time.

Inviting More Natural Light

Another way to make the office a better place for working is by adding more natural light. A study conducted by Edwards and Tortellini discovered that people who work in daylit areas reported increased general well-being.

Additionally, employees were more productive thanks to the increase in the quality of light.

No one can concentrate when the lighting is dim. At least not as well as when the office is properly illuminated. As such, every office must be bright all day long.

To create a light-filled environment, business owners should add natural daylight and artificial lighting throughout the building. It will help people feel motivated and energized. Moreover, natural light will make them happier and less stressed out.

Improving Air Quality

There are lots of things business owners can do to improve air quality. For example, they can add plants to their workspace. Indoor plants can improve air quality and remove toxins from the air.

Besides, investing in an air conditioning unit might also significantly improve the air quality in the workplace and keep dust out of the office.

After the air quality in the office is improved, everyone will notice the positive effects it brings right away, as your staff will have an easier time focusing on their tasks and stay in good health.

Removing Unnecessary Clutter

Every piece of clutter in an office space makes it feel smaller. Moreover, it affects productivity because people spend more time searching for things they could otherwise spend working.

To free up floor space and provide a clutter-free area for people to work in, the first thing on the list should be removing unnecessary items from the office.

Firstly, if something is not needed anymore, the best thing to do is get rid of it or move it away from sight so that people don’t constantly bump into it.

Next, business owners should get rid of old files or objects that no one needs anymore and organize the remaining ones so that everyone on the team can quickly find what they need.

Optimizing the Environment

One thing that business owners often neglect is the environment within their office. However, they must optimize the atmosphere within the workspace to make their employees more productive. A simple way to add some pleasant smells to the office is by using air fresheners or scented candles.

Additionally, companies can use different types of music to help people be more productive at work. Studies have shown that listening to certain kinds of music can help improve people’s mood and productivity levels.

For instance, classical music can increase a person’s creativity and focus, while relaxing music can reduce stress and anxiety. However, it would be best to play music that doesn’t distract the employees from their work or each other.

Making the Room Feel Bigger

If a business owner is working with an office with small dimensions, they should try to make the room feel bigger using various tricks.

The most common tip is arranging furniture in such a way that the eye will move across office space without feeling boxed in. It can be done by placing furniture along the walls instead of putting it against them.

The next thing businesses can do is hang up posters and other art pieces on the walls. They can be objects that portrayed the brand or some creative designs that employees love.

There are also many other ways to make a small room look like an open space — people can use mirrors, hang up curtains or blinds, or use lamps with small bases. You can also make the room feel bigger using various tricks like a small desk.


Despite popular opinion, creating a productive office space doesn’t have to be a hassle. All it takes is a few simple changes. Every business owner who thinks that their office is not as efficient as it should be should try implementing the tips described above.

Doing so will help them better organize their office and provide a better environment for their employees to work in.

A good thing to remember is to adjust the office’s layout so that it fits the needs of the employees. Additionally, businesses should focus on inviting more natural light and improving air quality in the workplace. If they do, every member of the team will reap the benefits these changes bring.

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