How to Design a Website Ready for 2023

How to Design a Website Ready for 2023

With 2023 just around the corner, you might wonder about the top design trends that will visually define the year. Let’s jump in and discuss How to Design a Website Ready for 2023.

2023 surely comes with many novel ideas for designers to experiment with – including aesthetic trends and functional innovations.

Also, if you are a designer, here are which web design trends you can expect in 2023:

Fewer Images in the Hero Section

Suppose you are a huge fan of typography. In that case, you will love to see this trend rise up because, with this, web designers are using letters/ text to communicate rather than relying on illustrations or photography as the main focal point on the website.

It is challenging to use letters and create something impactful to communicate a band or a message without relying on imagery – after all – a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sometimes, letters can create an air of mystery and entice visitors to scroll and get to know more about your website.

Brands in Motion

Motion design is trending – we have all passed by some digital billboard, scrolled through a website, or navigated an app and experienced motion design. Static graphics are more likely to be replaced with motion graphics.

With the constant introduction of fresh and innovative digital platforms along with the rise of VR (virtual reality), brands are finding innovative ways to make their websites interesting, which has opened up new possibilities for engaging consumers through motion and animation.

Motion graphics are also a better way of storytelling – so, if you are looking to spice things up on your website, you might want to get in touch with a team of professional designers, such as the Create Web Design Bournemouth team, and transform your current website into a stunning and highly-engaging site.

Meaningful Graphics

Before 2023, adding a few stock images at random places to break up the monotony of text has been a simple way to freshen up a business website. Now, you will see a decline in the use of stock photos or other generic imagery.

People are more likely to stick with companies and scroll websites they feel are providing them with something valuable. And to live up to consumers’ expectations, brands will need to establish a genuine connection with them.

And one way to do this is by using striking graphics that accurately represent the qualities and values that the brand represents. Consequently, visitors to the website will get a sense of familiarity rather than imitation.

The meaningful graphics can surely set you apart regarding brand perception, customer satisfaction, and service quality.

Gender-Neutral Design

With this trend, we just don’t mean the trend of moving away from stereotypes, such as using pink for personal care brands or integrating hyper-masculine tropes to sell camping equipment. Gender-neutral design surpasses the color and the imagery – it is part of the UI and UX as well.

For instance, more and more online forms in 2023 will offer multiple gender options and the space to include your pronoun.

Small things, such as using “they” inside copy instead of he/she, will normalize the use of gender-neutral pronouns and make websites more inclusive to everyone. You can expect gender-neutral web designs to be a standard practice in the web design industry in 2023.

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