How to Refurbish Your Old Blogs to Get More Traffic

How to Refurbish Your Old Blogs to Get More Traffic?

In this article we discuss How to Refurbish Your Old Blogs to Get More Traffic?

Creating unique, exciting, and new content for your blog is a must for anyone looking to get more traffic. However, creating new content is not always profitable, as it requires a lot of time and money. Therefore, in search queries, questions are increasingly heard:

  • How to boost blog traffic?
  • How to get quality traffic if people stop reading posts?
  • How do I get past the traffic slump?
  • I can’t increase website traffic. What should I do?

Remember – instead of creating new content and spending energy looking for relevant information, you should think about updating the old blog.

Something needs to change if the old content is interesting to your audience, but the traffic has decreased. Try to please the search robots, which will bring your article to the top.

How do you know which mistakes you should fix? Our article will help with this – we have collected seven tips on how to improve old posts.

General Recommendations Before You Start Improving Old Posts

Blog Content That Ranks Well In Google Search Engines

Unfortunately, you cannot update all old posts. Here is an article that requires minor changes. For example, you can change the presentation of information: at the beginning to greet and at the end to say goodbye.

You can also tweak your keywords to improve your rankings, and this is where your job ends. As a result, you will waste time, and blog traffic will not increase. By the way, you may have to delete some posts altogether if, initially, they were not attractive to anyone.

What kind of fasting is time-dependent and cannot be young forever? These can be articles where you describe some personal or world events, a description of a specific time of the year, and a history of how you spent your vacation at a specific time. That is, such posts that occurred at a certain time should not be updated.

Ever-young articles are the ones that answer the readers’ questions, and you should update them. For example, you share information on how to write an essay, cook a dish, and pack a suitcase on vacation – this information never gets old and is of interest to people from year to year. Therefore, review the posts in advance and highlight the important ones.

Secrets How To Make A List Of Articles To Update

Before you start updating articles, make a list of posts that will always be relevant. To make the work progress more efficient and quick, use an Excel spreadsheet.

Enter all the names of the articles and links to them. Then keep track of which articles you have already updated and which still require improvements. Being organized will keep you on track and teach you how to drive traffic.

Best Ways To Increase and Get More Website Traffic By Updating Old Posts

Creating evergreen content that you can update periodically is the main strategy that all writers use. Below, you will find seven tips on updating old posts and increasing your blog traffic several times:

Update Keywords

One of the fastest and most effective ways to increase traffic to your blog is to update your keywords. The interests and thoughts of readers are rapidly changing, and what was previously at the top now may no longer matter.

Note that updating keywords is not about adding new ones. If your article did not initially contain keywords and phrases, it would be challenging to implement them. In addition, the reader will immediately notice which words do not sound natural and will leave the website.

Updating a keyword means researching the interests of the target audience. For example, people are looking for a software development company, and you have an overview of the company where you share your cooperation experience.

This information will be necessary, but it will only rank high if you have used keywords that can be updated to sound natural.

To understand which key phrases and words are relevant to your topic, you can use Google or tools such as Soolve, SEMrush, Wordstream, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, Moz Keyword Planner. You can also update the keywords in the titles, which will grab readers’ attention even more.

Update Pictures and Its Description

If you created posts with images a few years ago, their quality might be inferior to today’s trends. Poorly edited images make your blog look unprofessional. Therefore, another way to attract new audiences is to update the photos and text or description for the picture.

More attractive images, especially with 3D animation, have a positive effect on human sensory functions.

Having seen an interesting picture, a person will want to read the article and possibly share it on social networks, attracting new readers.

In addition, you will maintain a balance between graphics and text – these two elements make the article easier to read. People will also appreciate your efforts and read other posts, as your blog will look extraordinary.

When Google or any other search engine sees that visitors spend a lot of time browsing your website, it will signal to the robot that you have helpful information. Thus, you will be able to take a leading position in the search results.

Check Links

It so happens that you add links to authoritative sources, and after a while, this article no longer exists: either the author deleted it, or the website stopped working. Therefore, if the reader is unable to follow the link, he will immediately leave your blog.

The less time a visitor spends on a website, the worse it is for you. Google will consider your content to be unhelpful and will not rank. So check the old articles and make sure the links work.

With the Broken Link Checker tool, you can do this automatically. The program will issue a report with information about links that do not work and require updates.

Improve Content

If you have written articles about laws or a student program, then the data there may change. Therefore, you should improve your content, and write better blog posts that rank well: exclude irrelevant data, add valid and accurate terms, update dates, etc.

By offering useful, relevant, informative content, you will instantly increase your blog traffic. Moreover, readers will want to share them with friends and thereby expand your audience.

If your posts are very short – less than 500 words, you should increase them. A good volume of articles is 1000 words.

The more helpful information you give people, the longer they will stay on the website. Statistics, examples, and personal stories are good hooks.

If you have articles with similar content or on the same topic, you can combine them. It would be helpful if you made lists and divided the article into subheadings. This technique will help improve the perception of the text.

Add Media Content

Today, several types of media content grab people’s attention: podcasts, YouTube, and Facebook videos. If you haven’t used these elements in your posts before, it’s time to add them and attract the attention of new readers.

You can also create video content and encourage people to visit your blog for more helpful information. Yes, it will take you more time to create media content, but your post will be more valuable to your visitors. In this way, you give people a choice – listen or read.

Update Your Writing Tone

Compare old posts with new ones, and you will find that their tone of writing is different. Many of you are initially afraid of expressing your own emotions. Instead, authors overload the text with quotes from authoritative people.

Therefore, review old posts, and if you find articles devoid of individuality, you should update them. Texts that force readers to live situations with you or look at things the same way are more valuable than the usual statement of facts.

Your blog is a person or a brand. Therefore, your blog should be different from hundreds of others. To update old articles and make them more original, you can add anecdotes, short sentences, and various symbols.

For example, at the end of the article, you can create an emoticon 🙂 and this will be the highlight of your blog.

Update Formatting

If it comes to uniform formatting of articles when creating a blog, then it would be advisable to update old articles in the same format. Many readers like to study articles with the same style – it is always pleasing to the eye.

Article formatting includes:

  • Using spaces between paragraphs.
  • Using subplots.
  • Division of paragraphs by the same number of sentences.
  • Using bulleted lists.
  • Using rhetorical questions or calls to action.

Formatting makes it easier to read, and visitors stay longer on your website. Formatting will also show readers how much order you are in thoughts and appearance.

As you can see, there are simple methods to attract new people to the website by updating posts. You don’t have to sit for hours creating new content – take all the tips, and you will increase your blog traffic without investment.

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