How to Safely Download Online Videos

How to Safely Download Online Videos

Online space is rich and exciting but not without its dangers. In this article we share some tips about How to Safely Download Online Videos.

All of us who have spent time in this virtual environment know what kinds of problems might come upon us while we explore and research subjects online.

Still, the benefits of the World Wide Web are surpassing the difficulties that might come our way. 

One of the best things about the internet is the access it gives us to the immense pool of information and media.

Music, photos, videos and much more can be downloaded and saved onto your device.

However, the process of downloading itself can cause numerous problems and damage to your computer, telephone, or tablet. So, if you want to download files from the web, these are the tips to do it in a safe and secure manner.

Updated Browser    

How to Safely Download Online Videos

The reason why it’s important to have your browser updated is because it will ensure the latest fixes are installed when you go searching the web.

Some of them will do this automatically while others require this command to be performed manually.

Doing this will protect you from facilitating a download of spyware that can capture your passwords and credit card numbers.

If hackers get to this information, you can be in a lot of trouble.

Vulnerable systems can also permit access to key logging software that can record and transmit the data you type.   

Make Sure Operating System is Up to Date

The reasoning behind this one is quite similar to the one we just explained in the example above. Although updating the operating system is not something that will completely protect your device from potentially hazardous video downloads, it will certainly make it more resistant.  

There is no foolproof software and hackers know it too well. They will take advantage of the operating system’s weaknesses by writing a code that will be designed to target these specific flaws.

Sometimes you don’t even have to download a file for this to happen.

By simply viewing a rogue website, playing the compromised media or opening a malicious message would be enough for the malware to find its way into your PC.

This malware (malicious software) can take possession of the information stored on your computer or smartphone or gain control over your device.

Every operating system update contains certain patches that will close the security holes that make you vulnerable to hacker attacks.

Stay Away From File-sharing Websites

One of the most popular resources when it comes to downloading videos are torrent sites. However, they are often infected by malicious files.

Even more, whether you’ll end up with what you actually wanted is also under question mark. The only way to find that is by opening a file.

If you decide to use a file-sharing program, make sure you have some kind of virus scanner installed. They will check your downloaded files before you click to open them.

This will protect you from any attacks that can come in a form of viruses, spyware, worms or Trojan horses and compromise all data stored on your computer.          

Also, sharing apps that request open ports to the user’s firewall are the ones you need to stay away from.

Firewalls are responsible for stopping any potential attacker from gaining access to your information and communication.

If you break this barrier just so you could download a video, you will put yourself at risk of becoming vulnerable to these attacks.  

Reliable Software

If you type “video download program” in the Search box in your browser, you will end up with numerous results.

Site upon site is offering this type of service, some for free, some require registration while others don’t.

You need to be careful. Look for programs that have high user-ratings and open source software which are usually a safe bet.   

Trustworthy Sources   

How to Safely Download Online Videos - Download Video Safety tips
When it comes to sources, you have a wide-ranging collection of options. Your decision will depend on whether you are ready to pay for the requested services or you want to download a video for free.

The most reputable sources for downloading media such as Play Store or Amazon cost money. However, there are options that will allow you to acquire files free of charge and in a secure manner.

If you’re not certain regarding the reliability of a site you want to use for downloading videos, do your own research on the internet.

On sources that have proven themselves problematic, you will most certainly find user reviews and articles clearly stating why you should avoid them.

Paying a certain amount of money for a secure service is becoming more and more tempting. After all, the competition in this online business arena is strong.

As developers behind Viddly app say, it’s about providing your customers with fast and reliable service, a variety of formatting and converting possibilities and affordable prices.

And if the platform is easy to use and doesn’t have pre-roll ads, the users will be even more inclined to pay for a yearly or even lifetime access to the high-quality videos.


If you’re not sure whether a certain website is secured or not, one of the simplest ways to find that out is by checking its address. What you need to look for is an HTTPS at the beginning of the address.

However, in the case that’s not displayed, which sometimes happens, look for a lock symbol. Websites that have either of the two or both are considered safe.

Sites featuring these in their address are secured through SSL/TLS encryption and have purchased a certificate to verify this fact.

Encryption is what makes internet hubs more difficult to hack and their files are more likely to stay clean of any malware.  

Any kind of internet activity that requires file sharing or downloading can be potentially dangerous.

That’s why it’s important to take measures of precaution to protect your device and your data.

If you’re looking for a way to safely download videos, make sure your browser and operating system are updated.

Choose encrypted sites and trusted sources. And if you’re willing to pay a small price, you can get a yearly prescription to some of the fastest and safest download platforms available on the web. 

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