4 Reasons Why Great Web Design is Essential for Your Brand

4 Reasons Why Great Web Design is Essential for Your Brand

Creating a brand that users will recognize on the internet is all about your online presence. In this article we share 4 Reasons Why Great Web Design is Essential for Your Brand.

There are many factors that encapsulate the different aspects that go into developing and growing a brand.

One of those keys that you need to focus on is your web design and your online image. These will play an important role in various facets that will ultimately impact your success and potential.

Important To Attract Users

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Good web design plays multiple roles in the user experience when it comes to interacting with your company or brand. One of the main reasons it is so important is for attracting users, viewers and traffic to your site and pages.

Everything from your website, to your logo, and even down to your buttons and tab titles is incorporated into your web design choices, and those play a role in how they reflect your brand to viewers.

This can occur on a subconscious level where you don’t even realize the impact it has.

If your designs or layouts feel outdated or function in a way that does not feel intuitive, your users will feel discouraged to use your site and may not think of you first when they are looking for products or services that you provide.

Web design changes fairly frequently and companies must stay modern in order to maintain their growth, and ultimately their success. This is important for creating a constant flow of new customers and clients.


4 Reasons Why Great Web Design is Essential for Your Brand - Website Engagement

In addition to attraction, good web design encourages users to spend quality time on their pages. Attracting customers is one thing, but ensuring that they stay on your site and spend a lot of time is just as important.

Marketing specialists recognize the importance of search engine algorithms for a company’s success.

These algorithms track time spent on various pages, and even if you are attracting a lot of traffic and different users, that won’t mean anything if they are getting to your website and immediately leaving. 

Keeping users engaged shows that you are providing certain products or services that they want to continue to spend time on, which ultimately boosts your standing.

You can increase the engagement on your pages with blogs or articles to have visitors read more, comments or forum sections to encourage interaction, as well as chat boxes or videos to further provide a variety of different tools for visitors to interact with.

Easy Navigation

4 Reasons Why Great Web Design is Essential for Your Brand - Website Navigation

Good web design will promote your pages, products and services through a variety of ways.

Creating buttons and menus that provide users with an easy experience to navigate through is important in giving them a great experience on your page.

Although you want to increase the time spent on your pages, you want to do so with engaging and meaningful content.

Having users and visitors get lost on your pages is not how you positively increase that page time.

This is because if your visitors are getting lost on your pages without a consistent exit page, it will eventually lead to less users and less time spent on your pages. 

If users spend less time on your page, but are leaving through a purchase checkout confirmation page, that is okay because this reflects a positive interaction.

You want to have users navigate your pages easily, like related products or similar service pages, that do not detract from their experience.

As mentioned, you can increase interactions in a good way through a variety of means that provide your visitors information without frustration.

Brand Consistency

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It has been touched upon on previous points, but having good web design translates to a strong brand consistency.

This means that your choices and designs will be easy to recognize through various channels and platforms, whether it is through social media, or commercials and videos.

Having consistency is key to appealing to a market and developing strong customer relations. This is why people are drawn to certain mascots, logos, and spokespeople that are representative of certain brands.

That comfort leads to trust which is associated with quality. This is key to creating a long-lasting company that will have consumers being loyal to your brand.

Your web design is crucial to the growth of a brand, especially in the online space. There are many companies that are competing with you and your brand, and not being particular or innovating can put you at a significant disadvantage.

It is important that you understand how your designs will impact your customer relations, and that understanding will allow you to grow your brand into something special.

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