How to Successfully Market Your Online Course

How to Successfully Market Your Online Course

You have finally decided – the world of online courses is for you! You made the firm decision to start thinking about concepts, ideas, lectures, and quizzes. You might’ve even bought a fancy camera or a ring light to make your videos stand out. You’ve perhaps even designated and decorated a place to film your content or written a few scripts! In this article we share some tips on How to Successfully Market Your Online Course.

Now comes the amazing part – putting it all together! Lights, camera, action – writing scripts, filming, and sharing it online. You should be more than proud of yourself; being an online tutor is nothing less than challenging.

Many decide to give up when they realize the amount of work they need to put into producing such content. Not you, though! 

Can I Teach – as a Student?

If you’re a student looking to make an extra buck on the side, you should definitely consider teaching online! Whether you choose subjects you went through in high school, or the ones you’ve taken recently, it’s entirely up to you!

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It’s Time to Spread Your Message!

You’ve made a plan for your course, wrote some scripts and lectures, and finally published it. Why aren’t the customers coming? Let’s explore 10 different ways to market your course – so you can build an audience in no time!

This advice was taken from Thinkific, a leading online course platform that’s easy to use, fun, and here to help you achieve your tutoring goals! Let’s get into it!

1. Add a Course Page to Your Main site

How to Successfully Market Your Online Course

Many people who decide to take the road of online courses often have a brand of their own. It doesn’t have to be a big business; sometimes, just a website with your name, skills, and services will do.

The first thing to do to grow your audience is to add a Courses page to your website. By doing so, you’ll invite people to check it out and learn more from you.

2. Build an Email List

Building an emailing list is essential for marketing of any kind. You can use the Sign up CTA button on your site to encourage them to get notified about any news or changes that may come around. 

If your list gets a pretty number of emails, send a (subtle!) promotion for your course. You can automate this process by using sites like Mailchimp or Omnisend.

3. Include a Link to Your Course in Your Email Signature

Having an email signature that helps others check out your classes is a fantastic way to promote them! Make sure to include it in all business emails, not just the ones you send to your newsletter audience.

And try to make it short, catchy, and not spammy. Otherwise, it may seem like you’re forcing others to take your lectures and pay you for them. That won’t make a good first impression, that’s for sure!

4. Optimize Your Social Media

Being active on your social media is the first step in good marketing. Unless you don’t have any social media accounts – then the first step would be to create some!

Try to make the posts relevant and don’t just sell yourself constantly. Also, try to make them aesthetically pleasing, as much as you can – it’ll attract more attention!

If you don’t really like being on social media, you can hire other people to do it for you. They’d be glad to help you out!

5. Create a Free Mini-Course

Creating a free mini-course is a phenomenal way to increase your potential client count. Make sure your free mini-course is:

  • short and interesting
  • engaging
  • pretty and well-edited
  • has a possible cliffhanger 
  • easily available

By doing so, you’ll present yourself and your knowledge in a positive way and make the client want even more. It’s a win-win scenario!

6. Ask Your Students to Review or Share Your Course

Finally – the first students are rolling in! The next step you can do is to make sure you have feedback forms close to your course.

You can kindly ask your students to leave feedback if they’ve found the material exciting and even share the course with others.

You’ll attract more viewers who’ll end up rolling in because of the five-star quality of your teaching!

7. Run a Promotion

This could be one of the most valuable pieces of advice out of all! Running ads will undoubtedly help you gain viewers in no time.

You can think of coupons, secret discount codes, or even some percent off till a specific date.

You’ll create a sense of urgency and need in your future viewers, which will make them thirsty for more knowledge.

8. Partner With Other Instructors

If you feel like none of this is for you, try a creative collaboration. Reach out to other instructors and propose a collaboration.

Do some research into tutors you share your teaching field with, so it’ll be easier to work together and create some content.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to practice teamwork and cooperation skills which are irreplaceable in helping others learn! Partnering with other instructors will help you:

  • reach more people
  • learn even more about what you’re teaching
  • gain insight into the world of tutoring
  • see how other creators do it and learn from them
  • engage with multiple audiences and grow from that adventure

It’s a well-rounded experience that will for sure accelerate your recognition, brand, and your teaching business!

9. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook is still very popular today, and many people use it to promote themselves or their services or products to others.

You’ve probably seen countless ads, posts, and links that are filled with promotions of any kind. Don’t shy away from trying them out!

Creating a Facebook marketing campaign is a brilliant move, especially if you already have a business profile.

Again, you don’t have to worry if you’re not really into building an online presence; other professionals would be happy to give you a hand.

Your promoted posts and ads will for sure reach their targeted audience one way or another – and you’ll soon see more online pupils coming your way!

10. Run Google Ads

Marketing Your Online Course

Apply for different Google Ads programs and put your course high up the search engine results. You’ll get more clicks, views, and recognition in an easy and simple way.

Take Away

Creating a course is only half of the process – the other half is building your online presence and deliberately promoting your brand. It may seem hard constantly marketing yourself without clients coming in, but hang in there! 

When you put in the daily work – you’ll soon see a happy, engaging online classroom that’s eager to learn from you!

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