Inspiration in Your Hands - DIY Custom Phone Case Ideas

Inspiration in Your Hands: DIY Custom Phone Case Ideas

Get ready to unleash your creativity with DIY custom phone case ideas!

Your phone case isn’t just for protection; it’s a reflection of your style and uniqueness. With these inspiring ideas, you can add a touch to your companion.

1. Colourful Patterns with Washi Tape

If you love patterns and intricate designs, then you’ll adore using tape. This decorative tape comes in all colours, patterns, and widths. Simply choose your tapes and start layering them on your phone case.

You can create stripes, geometric shapes, or even mix and match patterns for a one-of-a-kind design. The best part? Washi tape from print on demand UK is easily removable, so you can change the design whenever you’re in the mood!

2. Embrace Nature with Floral Elements

Bring the beauty of nature to your phone case by incorporating dried flowers or pressed petals. Begin by selecting an assortment of dried flowers or petals, in shapes and colours. First, arrange the flowers on your phone case.

Once you’re satisfied with the placement, use an adhesive to secure them in place. You have the option to create a mosaic or arrange the flowers in a specific shape, such as a heart or your initials. The end result will be a phone case that reflects your love for nature.

3. Decorate with Sparkly Rhinestones

Next, for those who enjoy some sparkle, rhinestones are a choice. To create a phone case, select rhinestones of sizes, colours, and shapes. Apply an adhesive to the back of each rhinestone.

Carefully position them on your phone case in a pattern that appeals to you. You can opt for an embellished look. Create a more subtle design by strategically placing just a few rhinestone accents. Regardless of your choice, your phone case will radiate charm and sophistication.

4. Sew Your Phone Case

If you have an affinity for fabrics and sewing, why not incorporate them into your phone case? Choose a fabric that you adore and trace the shape of your phone case onto it. Cut out the fabric accordingly. Use fabric glue or a sewing machine to attach it to the exterior of your case.

This technique provides you with opportunities to explore a variety of fabric patterns, textures, and three-dimensional elements such as buttons or beads. Showcase your sewing skills by crafting a phone case that’s truly one-of-a-kind and visually captivating.

5. Express Your Artistic Side

For those who possess a flair for painting, your phone case becomes a canvas for self-expression. Begin by applying a light-coloured, basecoat to prime the phone case. From there, let your creativity soar and paint whatever inspires you.

Whether it’s designs, abstract art, or even replicating paintings, the choice is yours. Consider using paint pens or fine brushes to add details with possibilities you can switch up the design whenever you desire something on your phone case.

6; The Magic of Decoupage

Decoupage involves decorating surfaces by layering cutouts of paper with glue and varnish. To create a decoupage phone case, select decorative napkins featuring patterns. Cut these papers into pieces and carefully arrange them on your phone case. Use a brush to apply decoupage glue on the back of each piece and firmly stick them onto the phone case.

Once you have gathered all the materials, begin by applying coats of decoupage glue on the surface of the phone case. Make sure to let each layer dry completely before adding the new one. This will result in a crafted phone case with an artistic design.


Remember, the key to making your own custom phone case is to let your creative ideas flow and enjoy the process. Feel free to experiment with materials, techniques, and styles until you discover the design that reflects your personal taste and style.

Each custom phone case you create becomes a representation of your individuality and can serve as a great conversation starter or a reminder of your talent. So, allow yourself to be inspired and embark on transforming your phone case into a piece of art!

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