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How to Design for a Global Audience

How to Design for a Global Audience

Running a successful design business means turning a client’s ideas, or your own, into a tangible product. It’s exciting to launch a website that appeals to users and attracts customers.

The world of design has changed enough, however, that your work will be seen by more than a local audience. The Internet provides the ability for your design to be seen by someone local or someone on the other side of the world.

That’s exciting stuff, as it opens new doors for your design work and for clients of your design work. Or, the purpose of your design work may be because you or your client wants to intentionally target users in other countries.

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Myths and Legends about Design - How does it Work

Myths and Legends about Design: How does it Work?

Design has existed for a very long time and over time, it has racked up a lot of myths and legends which have continued to exist even till now even though they are not quite true. The word design is all about the creation of something, be it an object or a system. You can design many things, clothes, products, identities, business processes, user interfaces, websites, etc.

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