Promotional Videos 101 - Best Ways To Use Videos To Promote A Brand

Promotional Videos 101: Best Ways To Use Videos To Promote A Brand

With so many ways to market your brand, using videos is still one of the most effective methods. Creating videos is also cost-effective as you can use mobile devices to shoot or edit a video. Join us in this video for Promotional Videos 101: Best Ways To Use Videos To Promote A Brand.

However, getting your audience to finish or stick to your videos may be difficult. If your videos bore your audience, they’ll likely skip watching it. As such, you can’t maximize the benefits of video marketing.

But with effective video marketing, you can build your audience. Here are some examples of promotional videos that are effective in raising brand awareness.

Also, you can use these ways to promote your brand with videos:

Show How Your Products Change Lives

With educational videos, you can promote your brand as to how it addresses a problem that your target audience has. This type of promotional video shows how your brand can affect the lives of your audience. Since they can relate to sample issues you use in your videos, they’ll get an idea of how they can resolve such issues through your brand.

To create a compelling educational video, you must do the following:

  • Give a solution to your audience’s problem. Letting them relate to the issues is one thing, but giving them an answer on how to solve such is more vital.
  • Since you’re teaching your audience something vital, it shouldn’t be advertorial in nature. Thus, giving them a free source of information can help them rely on your brand.
  • Don’t complicate things. One of your goals in creating educational videos is to let your audience understand and relate. Thus, simplifying things is more effective and accessible.

Teach Them How to Use Your Products

As people get interested in your educational videos, they’ll probably check your profile or brand. Then, if your services or products are more interesting, they’ll be more likely to buy it.

However, first-time buyers who know nothing about how your product or service works may not buy it if they don’t find an explainer or demo videos about your product.

If you want them to pay for your brand, you must nail their interest with a short yet killer explainer video. Here’s how you can do it using videos:

  • With a short explainer video, your script should contain your product pitch, its key benefits, how it works, and a call to action.
  • When talking about how your service or product works, you should maximize it into three to four steps. That way, you won’t complicate, confuse, and bore your audience.
  • If you’ve got a great script, don’t ruin it with your audio. Your voice should be professional and clear to convince your audience that you’re professional. You can also use realistic text to speech software to keep the audio professional and clear.
  • Although you need to keep your audio professional, it doesn’t mean to keep your voice monotonous or too serious. Your audience wouldn’t like that. Be professional yet witty or humorous. As long as you make them smile or connect with your audience, then the better.
  • Next is to keep your visuals simple. Yes, visuals are vital, but overdoing it may distract your audience from sticking to your message. Remember, it’s an instructional video, not a Hollywood movie.
  • Lastly, you may need to use some background music. As such, you’re setting the tone for your video. But it’s best to incorporate music after you’ve finished your video so that you can find the right music that fits your video.

Highlight Testimonials of Your Customers

Another effective way to use videos in building your brand is by using testimonials from your customers. That way, you’ll encourage people wanting to buy from your brand. If they see that you’ve got positive feedback from your customers, then the more that they’ll believe in your brand.

Moreover, testimonials are one of the best ways to let other people believe that your product or services can change their lives. If you’re the one advertising it, it may be good; however, if others are testifying on your behalf, then it’s more trustworthy.

That’s why you need to consider the following when you’re doing a testimonial video:

  • Choose a place that resonates with who your customers are, what they do in life, and the like. For instance, you can use your client’s workplace to show that even professionals are using your product or services.
  • When you’ve finished making your questions, it’s best to send a copy to the interviewee in advance. That way, they’ll understand and prepare for the questions.
  • Although your interviewees have answered your question, let him/her elaborate. It’s better to include more details than lack of information. Also, it would help your video become realistic and unscripted.


There you have it! Although there are more ways to promote your brand through video marketing, the three mentioned above are the most effective ways of brand promotion.

From educating to encouraging your customers that your brand can change their lives, you can do it with your videos. Moreover, when people are aware of your brand, they’ll be more likely to become buying customers if you’ve made killer videos.

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