The Importance of Making a Website Mobile-Friendly

The Importance of Making a Website Mobile-Friendly

In our current age, most of our time spent browsing the internet is done from behind the screens of our mobile devices. There was a time, not particularly long ago, when most web pages were not accessible on mobile devices. No more are these days, and rather, most web pages are designed entirely around mobile device optimization. In this article we discuss The Importance of Making a Website Mobile-Friendly.

If your webpage does not allow for people on mobile devices to make use of your service, then you must tend to this immediately and allow for mobile use, and the reasons why will be expanded upon later on in this page, as this page hopes to stress the importance of making a website mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly webpage allows for mobile optimization, is fast, and renders the images quickly. You can optimize your website for mobile usage in many different ways.

Here’s the importance of making a website mobile-friendly.


If you do not make your website mobile-friendly, then you risk losing visitors to your website. A survey has shown that forty percent of visitors will hasten to leave a website if the loading time takes longer than three seconds.

There are many ways that you can increase the speed of your page, such as using themes and plugins; these themes and plugins can optimize your webpage for mobile usage and can thereby increase the number of visitors that you receive.

You can even use a one-page WordPress theme to have the site ready faster.

A website (or business) cannot sustain itself or thrive if it does not achieve a significant number of visitors, and rather, will falter.

Your visitors must be met with a fast website, lest they go elsewhere.

The majority of web users browse on their mobile phones, owing to their convenience, meaning that a massive proportion of those visiting your site will be using their phone, and if they are not met with a fast-loading page, will be deterred from visiting again.


Google prioritizes websites that are mobile-friendly over those that are not in search results. This change took place in the early two thousand and fifteen when the number of people browsing on their mobile phones began to reach staggeringly high numbers.

For most people, SEO marketing is the go-to for website marketing and advertising, but it will all be in vain if your website is not optimized for mobile use, as you will appear low in the rankings.

If you want a priority ranking, then optimize for mobile use.


Websites from all sectors are becoming mobile-friendly day after day. If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, you risk appearing antiquated and out of touch.

It is a rarity nowadays to find a website that does not allow for mobile usage, and therefore, will be a huge deterrent to customers and clients.

The common practice is now mobile use, so ensure that you have a page optimized for mobile use, otherwise you risk appearing dated and out of touch, and not only that, may anger your customers and irritate them.


When Google recommends something, you should definitely do it. Google will recommend to every single webmaster that they optimize their page for mobile phones.

It is always good to adhere to whatever suggestions Google makes, as Google is unquestionably the most dominant force on the internet and the first place that everybody goes to find out information. By doing this you will also drive more traffic to your website.

There are an infinite number of reasons why Google may stress the importance of mobile optimization, from customer satisfaction to your personal convenience. Whatever the reasons, listen to Google and optimize your page for mobile usage as soon as you possibly can.


Having your web page functional on mobile phones makes your website appear credible and gives your business great credibility. This is because anyone, anywhere, and at any time, can visit your website and get results.

A fast, interactive, and mobile-optimized website is one that will please your customers. It will give your business credibility, in addition, because your clients will be able to browse your webpage while they are on their phones and make important buying decisions judging by what’s offered on your webpage.

If they are on their phones and want to browse your site, but it is not possible, they are significantly more likely to lean toward your rivals and do business with them.

Credibility is important in any industry, and it is crucial that you establish yourself as a credible force that is both in with the times and cares for its customers.

The Importance of Making a Website Mobile-Friendly

Now you know the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. It is important that you do this, as if you do not, you risk being one of few who aren’t. It will seriously hinder your progress, as it is common practice to be mobile friendly nowadays.

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