Why Protecting Your Content from Pirates is More Important Than Ever

Why Protecting Your Content from Pirates is More Important Than Ever

Putting in time, effort, and money into your content only to find it the very next day available for free is certainly heartbreaking. While piracy is not exactly a new problem, it has recently been on the rise due to technological advances. In this article we discuss Why Protecting Your Content from Pirates is More Important Than Ever.

Even big artists cannot always protect their content from nefarious pirates. As a small creator, you might think that your content is safe.

However, pirates do not factor in your net worth before violating your copyrights. In fact, everyone is susceptible to piracy, which makes protecting your art a must.

If you have not taken the necessary steps to secure your content yet, check out the next few reasons to understand why doing so is more important than ever.

Why Protecting Your Content from Pirates is More Important Than Ever

Consumers Don’t Care Anymore

Back in the day, artists could rely on consumers’ integrity. Piracy is seen as this huge offense and avoiding it was the ethical thing to do. In 2020, people do not seem to have this problem anymore.

According to a new report, around 40% of consumers do not care that piracy is illegal. This means that more and more people are turning to pirated content every year.

For consumers, the issue does not really lie in not being able to afford the content they want, but it is, in fact, caused by their unwillingness to pay for the art they enjoy.

Since you can depend on people to refrain from dabbling in pirated content, you should take all the necessary measures yourself to protect your art.

The Internet Has Made Piracy Easier

Before every household had access to the internet, finding leaked or stolen music, movies, or books was a challenging endeavor.

On the other hand, because everyone can access pirated art, people who work on cracking the encryption of paid online content have an easier time propagating their practices.

Even the most secure streaming platforms like Netflix are still vulnerable to digital piracy.

In this regard, security experts explain in this useful article that encryption codes like Widevine can be bypassed and exploited.

It does not even require a tech genius! An average Joe with the right background can pirate content from streaming services. Even worse, such movies and clips usually spread like wildfire in the span of just a few hours.

You must never let your hard work be exploited in such a manner. Thus, investing in state-of-the-art encryption and security services is a smart move.

Piracy Hurts You as an Artist

As we’ve mentioned before, nobody is completely safe from digital piracy. However, new artists are often the biggest victims of it.

When compared to the financial losses of big artists, it has been found piracy hits emerging creators much harder due to their limited resources.

Because young creators usually have difficulties in making ends meet, the shock of finding their content leaked on the internet can be enough to make them quit altogether.

If you are still a small artist, then you should be extra careful about safeguarding your creations.

Why Protecting Your Content from Pirates is More Important Than Ever_

Piracy Takes Away Your Rights

As the mastermind and creator behind your art, you should enjoy the freedom of controlling it however you please. Nonetheless, piracy takes away this right.

By not taking the necessary precautions to secure your creations, you are basically waiving your rights and allowing pirates to leech off your hard work.

This way, your art ceases to be yours and becomes common property instead. Of course, no one should be able to enjoy that privilege except you.

To do things on your own terms and reclaim your rights, you must not give pirates the chance to profiteer by stealing your content. 

Legal Battles are Cumbersome

Some people might think that copyright issues and violations are matters that are easily settled in court. Yet, this notion is erroneous at best.

It does not matter whether or not you have competent legal representation, as copyright lawsuits are always long-winded, complicated, and costly.

If you do not have the necessary resources to fight for your rights, you might as well kiss your chances of winning goodbye! So, why go through all this when you can prevent it from happening in the first place?

Becoming a successful artist hinge on your ability to safeguard your content from digital piracy. While this phenomenon is widespread, you still have a chance of curbing it.

By hiring expert legal help and security professionals, you can rest assured that your content is safe.

However, if you do not have enough funds to consult a professional, you can always learn more about piracy and invest some time in learning how to encrypt your content.

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