Selling On Amazon - Where Should I Begin

Selling On Amazon: Where Should I Begin?

Society has started to switch towards an online model of business, especially with the restrictions imposed by the sanctions. If you are a company looking to make the switch over to an online marketplace like Amazon, it can be extremely tough, especially if you do now know where to begin. In this article we discuss Selling On Amazon: Where Should I Begin?

There are several different tools and strategies you can employ to make your products and business stand out above the rest and generate profit.

Here are some things that you should implement and use to begin selling on Amazon.

Selling On Amazon Where Should I Begin

Fulfillment By Amazon

One of the reasons Amazon shot up to the top in the e-commerce world is due to its prime memberships.

One of the things holding online marketplaces back was the long shipping times and high costs associated with shipping.

Amazon’s prime membership does away with those things, offering free shipping and one-to-two-day delivery on select products.

The big question to ask then is how you can go about getting your products to be prime eligible. The first step towards this is to qualify and enroll in fulfillment through the Amazon program, or FBA.

This program will allow your product and everything associated with your product to be handled by Amazon.

This means that the storage of your materials, the selling of your goods, the shipping of your goods, and finally the customer support surrounding your goods will be handled by Amazon.

Statistically speaking, half of all of the sales on Amazon’s website come from third-party sellers. From those numbers, 66% of the top 10 000 are enrolled in an FBA program taking advantage of what they have to offer.

The program is not free, however. As a seller, you have to pay to enroll in this program.

The costs go towards giving people who buy your product 24/7 customer support from Amazon, along with free and fast shipping.

If you are unsure if you can profit off the program, there are FBA tools created to analyze your transactions and your costs.

This can help you determine your bottom line and see if you can absorb the costs at this moment. When you first start out on Amazon, perhaps the FBA program is not the best for you, as your products will be rather undiscovered.

This will mean that you will be paying a high price to enroll in the program without many sales or profits to back it up.

If you advertise correctly, you should be able to make use of the program not long after starting your work.

If you want to be on the top of Amazon, you have to take advantage of the FBA program and the tools around it.

Know Your Market

No matter what product you look to sell, you have to look at the market you are selling on and the number of potential customers.

Along with this, it is also important to look at current market trends and see where you and your products can fit in.

Amazon is no exception to these rules, and to fully gain a foothold selling on the website, you have to constantly be aware of these situations.

If you notice that there are extremely popular products, try to figure out a way to sell alongside them. This does not mean creating an exact clone to be a direct competitor.

Instead, look to accessorize with the product and provide users with more features and protection. This can be a case for a phone or a portable battery pack that can be used with any electronics. 

Knowing how you can fit in and complement these products is essential for surviving as a business.

Taking on the unnecessary competition can horribly stunt your business as well as you will invest plenty of money into a product that is having to share the market.

Always ensure that you know your market and know the best ways to take advantage of it.

Competitively Price Your Product

Selling On Amazon Where Should I Begin_

Finally, your knowledge of the market and your FBA program does not matter at all if you are not pricing your products correctly.

As a new company on Amazon, you have to give people an incentive to buy your products over more established businesses.

This means possibly selling your products at a lower price or offering further advantages to your customers. A competitively priced product will always help bring in more profit and more sales.

With these tips, you should be ready to start selling on Amazon and making money. Remember that these things don’t happen instantly and it might take some time to build a customer base.

What do you plan on selling?

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